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    Exciting News! Atomic Reach Secures $1M in Seed Financing!

    It hasn’t been a month yet, but 2013 has already been fruitful for Atomic Reach. Here at our office, between building new apps and giving our front page a dazzling makeover, we’ve just secured our second round of financing! It’s official! “Content marketing startup Atomic Reach announced today that it has secured a second round of financing led by Genwealth Venture Partners with participation from the Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF), both based in Toronto, Ontario. The funds will be used by Atomic Reach to support the development of the company’s new content marketing platform v3.0, scheduled to be launched in early spring and the expansion of its business development team to accelerate growth into new markets.” That’s right! We’re getting ready to expand and revolutionize our platform, content marketing and content curation. So what does this mean for you? Great content. Higher blogger implementation. Supercharged brand engagement. All tailored for you.

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    Successful Brand Blogging Incorporates Third-Party Content

    Third-party content is becoming increasingly vital for effective content marketing plans. As time and resources are limited, content marketers are striving to create original content on a daily or weekly basis. In fact, 56% of B2B marketers have cited “time and bandwidth” as their biggest challenge to creating content. Coupled with corporate blogging, brands are exhausting themselves in trying to provide worthwhile content to their target audiences.

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    #AtomicChat Recap: Tips from Steve Cassady on How to Leverage New LinkedIn Changes

    Thanks for sharing the screen shot, @TerryKucera !
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    The 4 Essential C's in Corporate Blogging

    Blogging is essential to a brand’s content marketing strategy. It allows the brand to communicate directly with their target audience, showcase their expertise, and illustrate where they stand on certain issues, debates and ideas. More importantly, corporate and company blogs are a brand’s voice and the perfect method in establishing their position in a marketplace. It’s also a cost-effective way for a brand to carve a presence on the Internet.

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    Blogging Checklist for 2013


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    5 Things I Learned from Facebook Marketing Webinar with Amy Porterfield

    If you are an online marketer or a Facebook administrator, you’ve probably heard of Amy Porterfield. For those of you who are not familiar with her name, Amy Porterfield is a Social Media Strategist and the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. She is THE Facebook guru.

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    Marketing Budgets Must Allow for Testing New Technology

    If you’re in charge of your company’s content strategy and your job is to optimize your company’s brand awareness, then it’s critical that you are aware of the constantly changing landscape of content marketing.  You, more than anyone in your company, understand the power of online content.

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    Studies Shows That These 3 Tactics are the Best for Content Marketing

    Content marketing continues to be one of the key factors in marketing strategies. However, many are still apprehensive of the execution. According to Content Marketing Institute, B2C marketers use company website articles (84%), e-newsletters (78%), and social media content (84%) for their content marketing. For B2B marketers, 83% use website articles, 78% on e-newsletters, and 87% use on social media.

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    How Content Marketing Drives Deeper Engagement with Consumers

    Today, consumer’s satisfaction is not simply fulfilled with television commercials or billboard advertisements; they want to be engaged and provided with valuable and interesting information. Consequently, content marketing has become a necessity for all brands with a goal to drive deeper engagement with consumers. Content marketing can trigger consumer engagement that encourages customer loyalty, brand advocacy and customer acquisition.

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    3 Reasons Why Content Creators Will Thrive in 2013

    It’s official: content marketing is here to stay. Marketing isn’t just about TV commercials, print advertisements and direct mail anymore. It’s also about being social on the Internet, sharing, producing and engaging great content with a target audience.

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