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    4 Power Productive Ways to Organize Content for Curation

    There is a lot of content on the world wide web. After that initial click on a search engine, you are bombarded with news, articles, blogs, images and videos on your chosen topic. You get overwhelmed, as do others, and you begin to sort through all that content to find the best of the best. You become a curator, even if you do not share the content you are still going through the pile with a certain goal in mind.

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    My Take from Content Marketing World: Thought Leadership

    Three weeks ago I attended the Content Marketing World conference in Columbus, OH.  Talk about a growing industry!  Last year there were about 600 attendees, which I thought was remarkable given it was the first of its kind in the content marketing space.  This year there were over 1,000 in attendance!  Think there is something to this content marketing and content curation thing?

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    The Best Brand Advocates: Bloggers


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    The Best Content Curation Infographics on the Web

    Who likes infographics? We do, we do! Especially when they illustrate the hottest buzz in marketing. We compiled the best infographics on content curation, exploring what content curation is, identifying the challenges, and guiding you through the process. Discover content curation through this awesome collection of infographics – easy to understand and visually appealing!

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    5 Ideas on What to Curate For Thought Leadership

    Content curation is one of the necessary pillars for thought leadership. From bolstering positions to engaging audiences, the content must be relevant, insightful and shareable to be affective and successful. Why it is important and how to go about content curation for thought leadership has already been established from my previous articles, but what to curate is one question many are curious about.

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    Top 3 Content Marketing Challenges And What You Can Do About It

    Today, many consumers spend significant amount of time researching for information before they make their purchase decisions. As a result, content marketing has become one of the most important marketing strategies for organizations. The advantages of content marketing are that organizations can build brand loyalty, increase their credibility and engage with their target consumers using valuable and interesting information.

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    Pin to Win in Your Content Marketing Strategy


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    Blogger Opportunity: The Kid Scoop

    Brand Profile:

    The Kid Scoop gives parents a single reference site where they can access information on kid’s activities, classes, events and programs in their community. While other parents have completed hockey registrations in July and summer camp registrations in January, The Kid Scoop allow parents to participate in activities in the here and now, and to prepare them for activities in the future.

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    Blogger Opportunity: Step2

    Looking for:

    North American Parent Bloggers

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    The Value of Content Curation: Thought Leadership

    Being a thought leader has always been a priority for businesses, but not particularly easy to become. Even if a brand is incredibly innovative, creative and effective, it won’t grow if it’s not being proactive. With the importance of online presence increasing, brands must find different ways to engage with their audience and to present new ideas to.  One easy method to developing and succeeding in thought leadership is, simply, content curation.

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    [Kindle Giveaway] And The Winners From Content Marketing World 2012 Are ...


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    Now Is The Time To Invest In Content Marketing

    We just came back from Content Marketing World 2012 , the largest gathering of content marketing professionals in the world. Why were we there? Because that’s the business we’re in and we’re advocates of the the content marketing revolution.

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    How Brands Can Leverage Atomic Reach To Drive Their Content Plan [Video]

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    Curate Content to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out

    The buzz of creating a Facebook Page for businesses and organizations is not something new. From your local businesses to big international corporations, Facebook has been an essential marketing vehicle to virtually connect with your customers and promote your organization. To optimize the use of a Facebook Page, you certainly want to post frequently. Unfortunately, an average Facebook Business Page post reaches only 16% of Fans, according to TechCrunch.

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    Curate to Lead and Leave Your Competitors Behind

    In a competitive world that is today’s economy, businesses strive to establish themselves in new markets or new markets they’ve created themselves. Their experience, competency and expertise have always played an important role in building their brands, but even more so when there are numerous niche markets and smaller target audiences. Now, corporate credentials are vital for both budding and mature brands, and thought leadership is needed to create, build and maintain a brand’s credibility.

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