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    Why Referral Traffic is More Important Than Visitors

    Just this month, Pinterest beat out Twitter and StumbleUpon in generating referral traffic. According to Shareoholic, the visual curation platform climbed from 0.85% in January to 1.19% in June, an increase of 0.34%. This is impressive considering how both Twitter and StumbleUpon, which are both considerably more established are based on the concept of referrals: to direct visitors elsewhere.

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    Why Content Curation is Good For Business


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    6 Ways to Power Promote Your Posts With Atomic Reach

    Atomic Reach has always been a social sharing platform that encourages members to contribute and participate in their Tribes. One of our frequently asked questions is how do members go about sharing each other’s posts. This is an important question because sharing is the only way you’ll get more traffic, readers and reach. And it’s much more fun to share with others!

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    Five Good Things About Content Curation....Done Right

    Content curation is the new belle of the digital ball as brands look for new ways to effectively embrace the power of content in a cost-efficient way.

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    How Content Curation Enhances SEO

    Content is king.

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    New Atomic Tool - The WordPress Viewer Plugin

    Atomic Reach is excited to introduce you to our new WordPress Viewer (built by our fabulous tech team).

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    Topics: wordpress, blog, Content Marketing Strategy, display, plugin, short code, site, tool, tribe

    Bloggers Leigh and Meg See Significant Spikes in Traffic Contributing to Atomic Reach and SavvyMom

    In continuation of the great feedback we’ve been receiving, Atomic Reach would like to share Leigh and Meg’s experience with our platform and SavvyMom. Leigh and Megan are fun and whimsical sisters who have six children between the two of them! As mommy bloggers of Me and Meg, they write about quirky anecdotes and the daily happenings of their lives, including birthdays, misspelt names and family events.

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    Topics: blogger, Content Marketing Strategy, mommy blogger, parenting, SavvyMom, SavvyStories, traffic

    Education and Content Curation

    Over the past few years, technology has become a staple in the classroom. Schools are constantly striving to keep their equipment up-to-date, including the use of iPads as learning tools.

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    Topics: Teaching Method, atomic reach, Content Marketing Strategy, Publisher, Technology

    New Atomic Tool - Facebook Page Tab

    Here at Atomic Reach, we’re always cooking up something new or enhancing existing tools in our Atomic Lab. We're excited to announce a newly improved Facebook Page Tab, perfect for any fan or brand page.

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    Topics: blogger, Content Marketing Strategy, curation, traffic, tribe

    How Blogger Michele McGraw's Bounce Rate Dropped Drastically

    With our previous post, Atomic Reach showcased how mommy blogger Jamie Reeves’s experience with our platform and Ganz World Parent Club had encouraged her pageviews to double. Today, we’d like to share the story of blogger Michelle McGraw, who writes emphatically about technology, gadgets, social media and healthy living on her blog Scraps of My Geek Life. Michelle is an avid contributor of Ganz World Parent Club, and since joining the program her bounce rate has improved dramatically.

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    Topics: blogger, bounce rates, Content Marketing Strategy, family, mommy blogger, parenting, tech, traffic

    How Blogger Jamie Reeves Doubled Her Traffic Using Atomic Reach

    Over here in our Atomic World, we’ve been receiving great feedback from bloggers using our platform. They’ve been so vocal about their experience that we just had to interview them.

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    Topics: blogger, Content Marketing Strategy, mommy, parenting, reach, readers, success, traffic

    Bloggers Drive More Traffic With These Atomic Reach Tools

    Atomic Reach is a content curation and marketing platform geared to helping bloggers and brands work together to collectively expand traffic, readership and reach.

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