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    Getting to know you

    Say goodbye to exclusionary marketing and communications practices that brands have leveraged for years, and welcome the new approach that integrates the customer into the marketing production line. Building a customer content experience is critical to driving a differentiated and successful digital strategy, but as brands and publishers expand their social media presence on the web, integrating customer content into the mix is proving to be a fundamental component of a successful strategy.

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    Blur the line between brands and publishers

    Terms like “drive traffic”, “gain traction” and “go viral” are escaping the mouths of all those plugged into the online world. These are the obvious online objectives for any business, brand, opinion leader, influencer and publisher on the web. Take these objectives and build a plan around it. First analyze the situation; two of the key factors in approaching your audience that is necessary for consideration are the quality of content and its form of delivery. Then take action by building an approach so that your message doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

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