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    TV’s Social Sister

    A multi-channel marketing approach still proves to be most effective as demonstrated in the Effie Worldwide and Mashable poll.  The study cites that companies are planning to spend 11.9% of their marketing budget on social media initiatives, while they’ll spend 13% on TV advertising this year. While this doesn’t mean Internet marketing is taking over, it speaks to the benefits of using a multi-faceted communications strategy. Wendy Clark of Coco-Cola tells AdAge that “advertisers are not interested in single-medium conversations anymore.” Have you ever seen an ad on TV, then been sent a YouTube clip of it, liked it and shared it with your friends?  If so, you’ve experienced the marketing power of TV and social media working harmoniously. There are further examples, big brands like Old Spice and Pepsi are not replacing their TV spots with a social media presence but using social to create audience engagement and brand interaction.  The point, social media when used correctly social is an effective means of extending the impetus of the investment made in the old fashioned 30 second spot.

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    What is content curation and how can I stay relevant?

    Content curation is about identifying an interesting, relevant or fascinating piece of content and reusing it or directing your audience towards it. It is a way of filtering through the noise of the mass online media and identifying the legitimate interesting pieces of work on a particular subject. As a writer, blogger, photographer, or videographer, you want to be identifiable as legitimate, interesting and worth spreading around. You want the content curators to notice you and in turn, help you gain recognition, readers and an expert reputation. A content curator is anyone or anything that riffles through the hub of information and picks out the best pieces of work to share on a particular topic, just like an atomic reach tribe. This person can be a tweeter, a blogger, or an online organization. The point is, you want them to notice you. So how do you make sure your content is “curatable”?

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