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    Tory Burch - Kudos For Building A Content Experience

    First it was your teenage daughter, then your brother in law, then your grandma, and then the entire world. Everyone has tapped into social media, and brands are taking notice and taking action. Fashion designer and women’s clothing mogul Tory Burch, is a prime example of a company not associated with online media or networking who has tapped into their consumer market through interaction, varied and interesting content and listening to what customers are saying and doing.
    Lots of women like to shop. All the time if possible and in the new era of ipads, smartphones, and laptops, it is possible. The key is to make the clothing accessible and easily purchasable online. How is this done? By creating an exciting and engaging content experience for consumers. As outlined in the article, Tory Burch did just that by hiring an Instyle Magazine editor Honor Brodie, who did an excellent job in creating an online resource for women to learn about trends, style and ultimately Tory Burch. Reiterating how important providing a resource of information and interactivity is to consumers. Brodie, says is now “where content and commerce work together in a very twenty-first century way.”

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    Topics: branding, Content Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Tory Burch