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How AI is being used in Advertising and Marketing

The Atomic Reach Team | Artificial Intelligence
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Apart from dominating popular culture for years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also become a subject of significant interest among computer scientists in the recent times.

Wikipedia defines AI as intelligence exhibited by machines.

However, in layman terms, when a computer program or machine is designed to mimic “cognitive functions” or perceive its environment like a human to learn and solve problems, it’s classified as Artificial Intelligence.

Over the past few years, tech giants have been innovating ways to incorporate AI into search algorithms, data analytics, social semantics, and marketing, thereby integrating self-awareness into data and taking machine learning mechanisms to the next level.

Here are some of the striking examples of innovations in the AI platforms:

  • IBM’s AI: IBM’s AI (aka Watson) can talk at length, tell jokes, answer questions and write songs.
  • Google’s AI:  Google’s AI can master video games within hours and read lips better than a professional.
  • MIT’s AI: MIT’s AI is extremely advanced - it can predict an action on video two seconds before it begins.
  • Tesla’s AI: Tesla’s AI powers its innovative self-driving car.

How AI is being Used in Advertising and Marketing

Recommendations/Content Curation

By using Predictive Analytics, Netflix is able to offer better recommendations to their users, allowing them to make the most of their subscriptions. This results in great customer satisfaction and increased value proposition.

Similarly, Under Armour, an American sports apparel company uses IBM’s Watson and combines the data from its Record app with data from third-parties to deliver more personalized training to their users.

Search Engine Algorithms

Search Engine giant Google has been using RankBrain, an AI system, in order to analyze search queries in a sophisticated fashion. By using Machine Learning, where the search engine algorithm teaches itself how to interpret queries based on a searcher’s intent rather than depending on a predefined program, Google Search is able to deliver better and more accurate results to its users.

Writing Platform

At Atomic Reach, our very own Content Intelligence Platform has helped us create an intuitive platform for content marketers in order to create and publish great content for their “target audience”.

By combining machine learning and real-time writing guidance, our writing platform has helped healthcare networks, retail chains, digital publishing and media companies deliver most compelling content for their target audience.

Atomic Reach is designed to effectively analyze your text and calculate its readability score for a predetermined audience, recommending improvements in your content so it reads as compellingly to your target audience as possible.

With Atomic Reach, you’re always a few steps closer to your target audiences.

Social Semantics

While Facebook is particularly known as a social networking platform, the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has been hard at work building one of the most innovative and highly intuitive AI platforms to analyze overhead images of topography and find evidence of human life in order to use flying internet drones to beam wireless signals down to locations where people don’t already have access to the Internet.

According to the Facebook AI Research, the use of this cutting-edge technology can be extended beyond the internet drones.

Programmatic Advertising

When it comes to ad targeting, displaying the right ads to the right customer at the right time has posed a challenge for companies such as Google Ads in selling ad inventory.

By incorporating artificial intelligence technologies such as Programmatic Advertising, however, Google has been able to automate the process of buying and selling ad inventory by combining the power of AI and real-time bidding for inventory across mobile, display, video and social channels.

This AI technology effectively analyzes a visitor’s behaviour and enables real-time campaign optimization for an audience that is likely to convert.

According to Seer Interactive, big brands such as Kellogg’s has benefited from the programmatic buying and increased their targeting across channels.  

Email Marketing Language

In email marketing, the best way to get more clicks, boost open-rates and increase responses lies in writing better emails.

However, companies like Phrasee have come up with an AI-driven innovative email marketing platform for businesses to write better headlines and use customer-oriented email marketing language to boost clicks, open-rates and revenue.

According to Phrasee, their Artificial Intelligence mechanism learns from customers’ response metrics and optimizes the language that compels the customers to respond to your emails.

Final Thoughts

As more and more companies invest in research and development of AI and integrate it into marketing and advertising, we’re going to see automation mechanism dominating sales and marketing domains, helping businesses save resources, and drive more value to their customers in the long run.

This post was created using Atomic Reach.

Written by: Michael Bibla

Michael is the Content Strategist at Atomic Reach, an all-in-one enterprise platform built to boost content performance. He is on a mission to empower marketers with actionable data so they make more informed decisions about their content strategy.

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