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5 Benefits of An AI-led Content Creation Process

5 Benefits of An AI-led Content Creation Process

In 2015, Gartner published a press release predicting that, by 2018, 20% of business content would be authored by machines.

An insightful article published in The Guardian in 2016, revealed news agencies were using Automated Insights to churn out tons of data-driven articles. Heck! Even a bot named Lsjbot wrote 2.7 million Wikipedia articles.

It’s 2018 already, and we have plenty of AI-driven content creation platforms helping businesses with their content marketing campaigns.

Thanks to the emergence of Natural Language Generation (NLG), AI-driven platforms are able to produce logical and coherent text for human consumption.

As a matter of fact, Forbes’ earning reports are actually generated by Quill, an NLG platform.

In one way or another, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning platform is becoming more and more mainstream in the content marketing world.

Let’s face it — embracing AI-driven content creation platforms doesn’t necessarily replace your human writers altogether. However, it makes their life easier, helping your organization produce better content at scale, and boost your content marketing ROI.

So, how does employing AI benefit your content creation process?

Let’s take a look:

Analysing Customer Data

Understanding and segmenting customer data accurately can help you create more targeted content for your prospects. By employing AI-driven platforms such as HubSpot you can turn your data into actionable insights to create content your prospects are more likely to engage with.

Improving Content Accuracy

No matter how good you are at proofreading, handing a huge bulk of the content is always challenging.

Moreover, when you’re dealing with professionally written content, you can’t really take chances with proofing it manually. It’s time-consuming and fraught with risk as well.

Thankfully, our very own Atomic AI platform has been addressing this challenge successfully.


According is the biggest win of employing an AI-driven platform in your content creation process, especially when you’re producing at scale. Not only it saves a ton of time but it makes your content more suitable for your target audience.

Performing Routine Tasks

Content marketing is a complex operation, especially when you factor in the number of tasks involved in the process. Indeed, the process entails many manual and routine tasks that are better left for automation.

From keyword research to customer data analysis to generating content, there is an AI-powered software to help you automate the process.

Overcoming Human Limitations

One of the biggest and most obvious advantages of using the AI is overcoming limitations inherent to manual processes.

Unlike humans, your AI-platforms will work tirelessly at a rapid pace, without missing any deadlines.

In fact, when your content marketing staff works together with the AI platforms, they feel more empowered, happy, and motivated.

For example, News Tracer, Reuter’s algorithmic tool helps journalists gauge the integrity of a tweet, thereby establishing the credibility and newsworthiness of an emerging story in real time.


Similarly, Wibbitz, the AI-driven production software used by USA Today, can condense news articles to create short videos for social media followers.

Certainly, these tasks would require a great deal of time for human journalists to create manually. However, with the help of the AI-enabled platforms, these tasks become much easier.

Boosting Content Marketing ROI

With a traditional approach, many content marketing campaigns fall below the expectations. With poor strategy and inaccurate targeting, their marketing dollars simply go down the drain.

By incorporating an AI-platform into their content creation processes, they can avoid those potential pitfalls, improving their success.

From identifying the right content for specific audience segments to expanding outreach, the AI-led content creation process can help you improve your performance and boost your content marketing ROI.

Final Thoughts

We have officially entered a digital marketing phase anchored by Artificial Intelligence in general and machine learning in particular. By using the right AI-enabled content marketing tools, we can achieve more with less, improving our content marketing bottom line. 

This post was created using Atomic Reach.

Published on January 30, 2018