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6 Ways to Suck at B2B Twitter Marketing (and How Not to)

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Social media tools, especially Twitter, provide a powerful channel for B2B marketing to generate leads, boost ROI and connect with customers.

From Brand Watch to Social Media Today, every social media influencer highly recommends leveraging the micro-blogging platform to drive your B2B marketing campaign.

In fact, Nielsen’s new 2016 Social Media Report has found that consumers are now spending 5.5 hours each week on social media, becoming savvier than ever. It says social media is the new megaphone for consumers whom businesses must take “very seriously” or risk damaging their hard-earned repute.

Indeed, Twitter, much like any social media tool, is a two-edged sword - if you don’t know the “right way” to talk to your audience, your B2B marketing strategy will backfire big time.


Source: Nielsen.com

If you’re alien to B2B Twitter marketing, you’re likely to flounder in many ways. Here are some potential traps you should be careful about, and learn how to avoid them.

Reuse Your Old Tweets

One of the easiest ways to turn your Twitter followers off is reusing your old tweets before they performed well in the past. This may work a few times but if you make it a habit, it’s unlikely to help your cause. Your Twitter followers want to see new, informative and insightful updates, and not same old tweets over and over again. If you want to establish your brand as a thought leader, you should demonstrate expertise by inspiring your followers to engage with your content on Twitter.

However, the best ways to recycle your old tweets is to ensure that they are still relevant today, and then repurpose them in different content formats such as slideshows or infographics in order to offer a fresh perspective on the topic.

Make Spelling Errors and Typos

When you’re using a platform that allows you to share information in just 140 characters at a time, oversight is natural. But, if you want to be taken seriously, you want to look as professional on Twitter as possible. Whether it’s a silly error or grave typo, such as “Covfefe”, mistakes can translate into memes and cost your brand dearly.

Since accidental oversight is only human, consider using a reliable social media management tool such as HootSuite for your B2B Twitter marketing. If you’re scheduling tweets ahead of time, be sure to proofread them properly.

Use Duplicate Content on Twitter

One of the common mistakes many B2B marketers commit is posting the same content across all social channels. Twitter is unique in that it allows you to make a powerful statement in fewer characters than any other platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn.

The lifespan of a tweet can be roughly an hour which makes it ideal for you to break news and share information that is time-sensitive and useful to your followers. Whether it’s a quote from your company founder or live updates from an industry conference, Twitter offers you immense opportunity to share new and interesting content every time. Therefore, when sharing similar content across all social platforms, Twitter loses its relevance.

Unless it’s a breaking news or live updates, plan your tweets in advance and schedule them. Build a separate strategy for each of the social media platform you’re using for your B2B marketing.

Overuse Hashtags in Your Tweets

When it comes to Twitter, hashtags serve a specific purpose. They help you boost your reach and improve engagement. As a matter of fact, social media studies have found using hashtags boosts your Twitter engagement by two times. However, it’s a common trend to overuse hashtags just to target a larger audience.

Please, keep in mind, excessive use of hashtags can actually ruin the user experience of your followers as they find it harder to read your tweets. Studies have found using more than two hashtags can result in a 17% drop in engagement.

Use hashtags prudently, and only use one or two hashtags at maximum. There’s no need to shorten your message just to squeeze in two more hashtags. Remember, your hashtags are only as important as the message in your tweet itself. Make a list of hashtags that are popular in your industry and think how you can use them to target specific audiences by offering value.

Disappear from Twitter for Weeks

When you’re running a B2B Twitter marketing campaign, it’s important to remember consumers connect with you for a reason. Once you have built your presence and have a decent number of Twitter followers, it’s important to engage with your audience at ideal intervals. The worst thing you can do is disappear from Twitter for a couple of days or weeks and then come back to fire away.

If you’re going to be on leave for a couple of days, schedule some tweets using any Twitter management tool and retweet and favorite useful tweets from other selectively.

Automate Your Tweets

Retweeting articles from external sources is a good way to show that you care about sharing useful information outside your company. However, many companies automate this process so much that it appears too bland to their audience. 

Remember, when it comes to developing a voice for your brand, it’s especially important to offer a personal touch to each and every Tweet and RT. At the end of the day, you want to create value for your Twitter followers and inspire them to engage with you.

Instead of simply retweeting other articles, try doing something more specific, helping your followers consume the content easily. For example, you can pull important statistics or an infographic or quote in the article.  

Similarly, you can quote a tweet and ask a relevant question to your audience. There various ways to offer your tweet a personality that makes your presence meaningful to your followers.

Final Thoughts

Unlike the pre-Internet days when brand management was much easier for businesses, running a B2B Twitter marketing campaign is a different beast today. As the social space gets more crowded, your unique approach to engage with your Twitter followers is what helps you stand out from the competition

Published on June 8, 2017

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