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    5 Ideas That Will Make You A Successful Content Producer

    Every content writer is familiar with the struggle of producing better content. All of us have been there at some point in time. The good news is that there are a few strategies that can help you become excellent and efficient in what you do.
    But first, we need to understand why content is important. In one sentence, I can tell you that in order to make any business successful, you need to have your own following, readers, consumers or buyers who follow your every move and are loyal to you.
    To build that following, you have to engage your audience with meaningful and relevant content. The million dollar question is how can you achieve this? By being in front of your consumers, through a variety of channels where you will then be able to capture and hold their attention.
    Content producers often struggle with the lack of original resources to produce solid, relevant and unique content, all of which takes time. This is why I decided to share with you some insiders’ secrets and take you behind the creative curtain.
    No matter how small or big your business, with these 5 ideas you should be able to produce quality content quickly, and frequently.

    1. Preparation:

    We can also call this step ‘paying attention’.

    Train yourself to keep a diary of ideas for whenever they come to you. Look around and observe a little more keenly, and inspiration can spontaneous strike. You could also use phone apps like Evernote or whatever you’re comfortable with to quickly jot down ideas.
    Try going online and checking out some of your favorite social networking sites. See what people in your community are talking about, what’s intriguing them, and what are the topics they want to know more about.

    Your notes will always come in handy, and will help you effortlessly create content personalized for your readers.

    2. Time Management

    In the simplest of terms, this means you are going to need to plan and schedule ahead. Block out the time you need to produce your content in intervals to create a routine.

    In the content marketing world this system is called “blog in batches”. Here, your recorded ideas can be used to help you can create more than one piece of content for these batches.

    When writing, you have to give yourself small deadlines to finish a quality piece in the littlest amount of time. You can set a stopwatch for yourself when you start writing. Track your time once the piece is completed. If you usually write on your laptop or tablet, using a time tracking app will help a lot.

    By putting writing projects into batches and tracking the time you spend on each task, you will be doing more work in less time.

    3. Publish your Content

    When you have the final piece ready, it’s time to put it live on the internet. Before you click the ‘publish’ button take a breath, and look into your Google Analytics data to see how your readers react to your website.

    In case your website is new, here is the study by coscedule to help you decide when to publish:

    blog views - coscheduler

    Whatever day you decide, make sure you get a decent amount of attention from your users.

    Once the post is live, schedule your content for social media. Programs like Buffer and Marketing Labs Social will allow you to pre-schedule and manage your posts on various social media channels.

    Otherwise, it is entirely possible that you could be spending most of your time distributing your content. Focus on relevant and actionable content that your audience can relate to.

    4. Provide Access:

    This step is all about audience engagement. Your content should be making a connection with your audience, providing them with value – an incentive that will bring them back again and again.

    The content can be used as a bridge to create a relationship with your customers. Make sure to reply to the comments you get on each of your blog post as it will encourage users to trust your business even more.

    Although it may not be possible for larger businesses to respond to each and every message they receive, just spend a couple of minutes a day or allocate sometime during the week to get to this activity. Otherwise, readers will feel that there’s no point in reading your blog where their questions and comments are never answered.

    Doing this simple activity every time you post a blog will make a great difference.

    5. Be Original

    For your audience to have faith in you, you should deliver quality content that is original and unique. Let your personality, or the voice of your business speak to your audience.

    Be funny, charismatic, classy, weird – whatever resonates with your brand, and give your readers all of it. They will love you all the more for it!

    Producing quality content on regular basis is difficult but with continuous reading, brainstorming and proper time management can be an efficient content producer. Are you a content writer? What is your recipe of creating successful content pieces? Please share with us in the comment section.


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    Moosa Hemani is a blogger and a search consultant at Follow him on Twitter for more updates (@mmhemani)

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