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    5 Writing Prompts to Help You Think Outside The Box

    In 1938, a small local company was founded to sell dried fish, fruit, and vegetables. Through decades of intense diversity and wholehearted effort, the company has flourished to become one of the leading forces in modern technology—Samsung.

    What is the single word to describe the case of Samsung?


    Indeed, innovation has always been the philosophy of this digital giant—as Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee once stated, “Change everything except your wife and kids.”

    Undeniably, innovation leads to success.

    As a creative individual, how do you apply innovation to achieve a breakthrough in your career in Content Marketing? How can you become innovative in your everyday work? The answer is surprisingly simple: Think innovatively.

    In this article, I’ll present 5 writing prompts exclusively designed to get your innovative thinking flowing.

    Let’s get started.

    #1: Words

    Words train your way of thinking. Pay attention to how successful people use words. Are they always incorporating positive words in their speeches and writing?

    This writing prompt aims to build up your confidence and cement your belief about the journey you’re taking. It also serves as a warm-up exercise that stretches your brain to get you into the writing mood effortlessly. Here is how to do the prompt.

    1. Go to this article and pick 3 words that resonate with you.
    2. In 3 minutes, use those 3 words and any other words to form as many sentences as possible. It doesn’t matter whether the sentences make good sense or not. Just write.
    3. Before bed, pick 3 words for tomorrow’s writing prompt. This way, you won’t have any chance to make excuses for not writing.

    Take action: Your 3 positive words of today are: “ample,” “thrive,” and “passion.”

    #2: Quotes

    Ever tried to explain why a quote caught your attention? Now is your chance to dive deeper into the core meaning of a quote. Choose one quote that inspires you, and write about your feelings toward it in a time frame of 3 minutes.

    Take action: What do you think about this quote: “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” (H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)?

    #3: Readers

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could help others by creating content relevant to their problems?

    Think of specific readers (those who have commented on your site, for instance), or friends, or family members. You can even devise fictional characters. There are 3 questions you need to address.

    1. What are their backgrounds and experience?
    2. What are their problems?
    3. How do you help them?

    Take action: Mike is a Realtor who has been in the workforce for 20 years. He’s well-versed in his niche and considered an expert. Last month his knee pain got severely worse, and that limits his physical activity. He’s pondering over the thought that he can stay home writing articles related to the real estate field, but he’s unsure where to start. How do you help Mike break into the world of freelancing?

    #4: Storytelling

    Storytelling helps build a rapport between readers and your content. A heartfelt, poignant story encourages readers to keep reading page after page.

    Even though you weren’t born with a knack for storytelling, you still can become an outstanding narrator through deliberate practice.

    This writing prompt requires observation as you need to painstakingly watch people around you. In your imagination, what are their backstories?

    Take action: It’s a good idea to start with your own story first. In 3 minutes, write your story in a humorous tone.

    #5: Freewriting

    Freewriting isn’t actually a writing prompt, but it does weaken the Inner Critic inside you and strengthen your voice.

    So what is freewriting? In short, freewriting is the art of writing freely without editing in a short period of time. When you freewrite, you don’t care about grammatical mistakes, or spelling, or punctuation.

    Take action: Set the timer for 3 minutes; then write as fast as you can. Write about just anything comes to your mind. Try to resist the urge to hit the backspace button.

    There you have it—5 writing prompts to make you think innovatively. Dedicate some minutes of the day to doing the writing prompts, and pretty soon you’ll see wondrous improvement in the way you create content.

    Bonus questions: Are you struggling with maintaining a good habit? Do you find it challenging to write every day? Now comes the solution.

    The Beautiful "X" Chain

    This is a simple trick that keeps you disciplined in forming your new writing habit. You’d better need a physical calendar to implement the trick. Below are 3 steps to create a beautiful "X" chain.

    1. Practice one of the above writing prompts.
    2. After you’ve finished the practice, mark an "X" on today’s calendar.
    3. Strive for as many "X’s" in a row as possible. It’s your mission to create a chain of "X’s." The longer, the better. You don’t want to break this beautiful chain, do you?

    To go digital, check out—a free tool based on this “Beautiful 'X' Chain” trick.

    Some more tips to help you consolidate the good habit of writing daily.

    1. Make writing the highest priority of your day. Do it first thing in the morning.
    2. Reward yourself. If you write today, treat yourself to a 30-minute walk with your dog.
    3. Tell a friend about this article and your commitment to do writing prompts on a daily basis. Ask him or her to laugh at you if you fail.

    MORE BONUS: Tools to Force You to Stay Focused


    A web app that offers a distraction-free writing zone; ZenPen has a minimal interface and elegant typography. Writing with ZenPen is simple. Go to the website; set a target word count if needed; turn on full-screen mode; and start to write.

    More instructions about how to style your text are available on the site.

    Rainy Moo d

    A noisy environment is the main distraction that decreases your writing speed drastically. That’s why you need Rainy Mood to minimize sidetracking sounds.

    Rainy Mood’s slogan is quite catchy, “Rain makes everything better,” and I totally agree. It’s no surprise that I easily find myself distracted as I’m insanely sensitive to noise. However, I notice that I’m inclined to focus more on the task at hand when playing Rainy Mood as the background noise.

    Obviously, the soothing sound of the rain trumps all the ugly noise.

    Are you currently working on writing prompts? What is your own way of becoming innovative when it comes to crafting content? Let’s share in the comments.

    About the Author:

    Chan Huu is an ambitious freelance writer who specializes in creating content on the topics of education, technology, freelancing, and content marketing. Here is a fact: He is not a great writer, but he does care about his craft. Follow him on Twitter, and read more about him at


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