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5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate LinkedIn Profile

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With its 430+ million users, LinkedIn is decidedly one of the critical tools for content marketers in the present day. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, LinkedIn can be a game changer for your growth hacking strategy. Venture Harbour puts LinkedIn as the most sought-after platform for lead generation and sales for B2B marketers.

However, given the myriads of LinkedIn pages out there, how do you stand out and be noticed? More importantly, how do you get your followers to engage with your content?

Here are some best practices for your LinkedIn Corporate Profile.

Use Rich Media

Even as LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, it’s still a “social network” where you need to capture the attention span of your followers quickly to make an impact. It’s like an elevator pitch where you must make an impact within a few seconds. Researchers suggest visuals (images and videos) play a key role in grabbing eyeballs of your followers in a jiffy. LinkedIn is no exception to the rule. When you make a compelling headline for your LinkedIn post, make it even better than a thoughtful and interactive image. For example, Facebook’s Corporate LinkedIn Profile has a unique approach to sharing updates with eye-catching images that encourage their followers to engage with the posts.

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LinkedIn also allows you to embed video which means the video will play automatically. By reducing the number of clicks, your followers are more likely to watch your video without clicking away.When it comes to using images, always use natural images rather than stock images. Whether you’re posting organic updates or Sponsored content, make sure to use images with the dimensions 1200x627 for the best view. Use a visually striking banner for your LinkedIn company page and rotate them every six months to promote different products, services, and events.

Keep Your Update Short and Interesting

When it comes to writing teasers for LinkedIn posts on the corporate LinkedIn profile, you only have a few seconds to entice your audience to click on your posts. While you can write a lengthy paragraph, it’s unlikely to pique your followers’ interests. In fact, in most cases, companies see better engagement with a shorter introduction.

LinkedIn recommends using 150 characters or fewer to write your updates and make it interesting for your audience. There are many ways to make your description captivating with fewer words - asking a thought-provoking question, sharing stats, and even challenging an existing perception in your industry.

In the screenshot below, Hubspot shows how to offer a sneak-peek into the article, encouraging their audience to crave for the detail.

Screenshot 2017-08-15 15.55.27.png

Use the 4-1-1 Rule

On your corporate LinkedIn profile, or in any social network for that matter, your audience wants to read information from a variety of sources. When you publish updates that are only about yourself, it may not help boost your credibility as much. In other words, presenting useful content from diverse sources will offer your audience fresh perspectives.

This is what the 4-1-1 rule is all about. According to this rule of thumb, you should publish at least one content piece from an external source and at least four content pieces from different authors after posting a piece of content from your company source.

Diversifying your sources will also offer your team ample time to develop content for future posts.

Use Tracking Links

It’s important to track the performance of your content whether it’s from own company blog or external sources. The performance metrics offer you in-depth insights into what works, which ultimately helps you create better content.

While LinkedIn has its own tracking methods for company profiles, you should also add your own tracking tools such as Bit.ly or Buffer to shorten your links before sharing them on your company LinkedIn page. When your website gets tons of traffic from several sources, tracking traffic sources will be extremely crucial to take it to the next level.

For example, after tracking their traffic sources, AmeriFirst Home Mortgage found their website traffic a whopping 25 times boost through their company’s LinkedIn page.

Post Special Updates

Even as LinkedIn posts containing links tend to perform better, sometimes special updates without any links also perform equally well. If you want to make your company’s LinkedIn page look natural and vibrant to your audience, consider sharing a variety of content and keeping your audience in mind. In other words, you should schedule some special updates when there’s something special to announce, i.e, announcing a new product, a milestone, sharing an inspiring quote, or thanking your audience for their support.

The whole point is to break the “pattern” and making it look natural to your audience.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to the popular misconception, LinkedIn company pages are more than just an avenue to introduce your products and services to your followers. With the best practices followed, your LinkedIn profile can attract help generated tractions and qualified leads for your B2B company.

Published on August 24, 2017

Topics Content Marketing Strategy