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    5 Tips for Converting Skimmers to Loyal Blog Readers

    Congratulations! You’re writing a blog! And you’re diligently churning out posts in the hope of captivating your audience. But is anyone reading your content? I mean really reading it? Or are they just cruising by and not connecting with your message?

    Statistics show that 80% of people will read your title, but only 20% will stay to read the rest of your blog post. So, the bottom line is this—you need to create magnetic content that sticks with your readers.

    Here are five ways to rock your blog post and make it irresistible:


    1. Create a killer headline!

    Your headline is the first thing your readers see, so you need to make it alluring to attract curious visitors.

    For example, these headlines are so outrageous that you can't help but scroll down.

    Use shocking language, say something unexpected, provide a teaser, or just focus on delivering a practical message. If skimmers are intrigued, then they will want to read more.

    But if they’re bored, they will surely drive on by, never to return again!


    2. Share a personal experience!


    The best way to connect with a reader is to share a story or personal experience that speaks from the heart. If you come across as warm and genuine, then people will naturally be attracted to you and the great content that you produce.

    When you write from the heart, you create a memorable connection and a personal bond that will convert skimmers into loyal fans of your blog.

    Remember that you are building a relationship through your writing, and this relationship can last a lifetime, well, a blog lifetime anyway.


    3. Format your content!

    Visitors to your blog aren't just reading the text, they are also looking at the layout. Needless to say that proper formatting is just as important as the actual content.

    Avoid dense blocks of text and provide plenty of white space for easier reading. Create headings and subheadings to break up the content and tell the whole story.

    Play around with different fonts, text size, punctuation, bullet points, and highlight important words to make your message really stand out and grab a reader’s attention!!

    Also use a tool such as AtomicWriter to evaluate the readability of your blog posts. It will help you deliver an optimum message.

    4. Add visuals!

    Visuals can make your story really stand out and pique interest to the point of reading your work. And great visuals can increase likes by 54% and comments by 104% on your blog posts.

    As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you make your visuals appealing, then skimmers will be curious to read your words. Pictures or diagrams can sometimes explain things much better than verbiage.

    Use images, graphs, tables, and even video in your blog posts. Better yet, combine them to make a greater impact. But be careful not to clutter the page too much as that can make it busy and thus unappealing.  

    5. Provide a freebie!

    Freebies are a strategic marketing tool to drive more traffic to your blog. So gift your readers with an ebook, checklist, cheat sheet, helpful video, infographic, chart, list, recipe, tips—whatever makes sense for your blog and budget.

    Everyone loves free stuff and if you have a piece of takeaway content, then your online presence makes a stronger impact and readers will see you as an expert in your niche.

    Your freebie may just be the one thing that gets attention and entices drive-by traffic to stop and read your epic content. And if readers feel like they got something valuable from you, then they are more likely to visit again. If you give a little, then you may get a lot in return!



    And there you have it, five easy ways to lure skimmers in hook, line, and sinker!

    How many will you use? Tell us in the comments below.

    About the Author:

    Lenka Podzimek is a freelance writer and editor from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is a wordsmith by calling and specializes in creating engaging, practical, and original content. New writing assignments are always welcome and approached with professionalism and enthusiasm. Her pet peeves are bad grammar and boring copy, while her pet loves are cats. She has three of the furry felines at home to amuse her when not working.

    Check out Lenka’s credentials here and her portfolio here.


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