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    4 Ways to Boost Your Blogger Outreach Strategy

    Last night, we hosted a very interactive Twitter chat with special guest Gail Gardner of GrowMap. Our topic was blogger outreach and influencer engagement and it had everyone buzzing for the hour.

    Here are 5 key takeaways that can help you boost your blogger outreach strategy.

    Why is blogger outreach and influencer engagement hot topics for businesses?

    "With PPC (pay per click) prices climbing & organic traffic harder to come by, brands are focusing more on blogger outreach to get exposure," Gail reveals. "Brands and small businesses need to focus on identifying where their target audience already is and get influencers to recommend them."

    By working closely with a carefully curated group of bloggers to promote your services and/or products, the word-of-mouth marketing can be very effective and rewarding if done right. The key is to find the right bloggers within your niche, content producers who are  just as passionate as you are about the topic.

    So how do you go about assessing the right bloggers for your outreach program?

    Bloggers are niche specific, so go beyond the genre. Kristen points out in her blogger outreach article that it's easy to search for bloggers in a category but to make sure that they are a contextual fit for your brand, you'll have to dig a bit deeper into segments and interests.

    For most marketers, the natural progression in vetting through bloggers is to look at their numbers. Which is why we asked Gail what she thinks of using influence scoring tools like Klout and Kred. Along with the rest of the community who participated in our chat, it seems like the overall consensus is that these platforms are useful, but not really. Do scores really matter?

    Here's the scoop: the answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no. In my opinion, these scores can help you gauge a person's online presence and help you separate active bloggers from non-active ones. Aside from that, there is more vetting to do if you want to build a successful blogger outreach strategy.

    How is influence really measured?

    Klout and Kred gives you a snapshot of your target bloggers, but look into their entire digital footprint. Check out their:

    • the topics they actively talk about
    • look through their social media networks
    • the number of shares they get
    • their interactivity with comments (or lack thereof)
    • post frequency (both blog and social)
    • subscribers to their blog
    • site traffic

    What tools can help you with your blogger outreach?

    Check out a list of favorites tools our #AtomicChat community uses and recommends. Below is the transcript from the chat with additional tips from our special guest Gail Gardner and the rest of the chatters. Enjoy!


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