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    5 Simple Steps That Will Make Your Blogging Process Less Painful

    Every blogger can relate to how difficult churning out good content can be. Sometimes, it feels like squeezing water from a stone; on top of that, you also have to edit it properly and make sure it resonates with readers.

    As veteran bloggers, we can empathize from first-hand experience that we understand what trying to write good content feels like. So today, we're going to show you 5 super simple steps we use to make the blogging process less routine and more organic.

    Firstly, write short blog posts.

    Long-form posts are well-known for their SEO benefits; however, trying to hoard quality content for a single 3000 word post is excruciating. You’re always up against a deadline trying to find more content daily, and sometimes the information you find doesn’t fit well within a particular topic.

    If you switch to short posts of 500-700 words each, you'll always be prepared for the direction your research seems to move toward. Short posts also have the advantage of being much more reader-friendly; visitors typically prefer skimmable content they can read on their commute, instead of long forms of writing.

    Secondly, provide value to your readers.

    We tend to write from the perspective of how it benefits us; and as a result, our blog posts fail to attract our readers' attention. Write from the perspective of the reader.

    What would you want to read if you were on the other side of the screen?

    Thirdly, plan an outline of your post before you start writing. 

    Some of us used to have the problem of ramble writing, before going back to edit out the "extra noise". This required multiple edits to your content and formatting. You would either try to stretch out your content or reduce the article's length.


    • Start by preparing a short summary of your article
    • Lay down each point
    • Then estimate how many words each point should have. 

    This should help you focus by writing 5 independent blog posts instead of one large article.

    Tip: You can also incorporate a persona into your blog posts. Try and write from the perspective of an imaginary character. This helps to give some personality to your posts, which avoids the problem of having your content feel repetitive or stale. It will make the writing process that much more enjoyable.

    Fourth, do some preliminary market research.

    An ex-banker I knew wasn't attracting any visitors to his finance blog, even though it was full of expert industry knowledge. He realized that most of his readers, whom worked in finance, still preferred the evening papers to an iPad. By knowing how your blog communicates to your readers helps to minimize poor email open rates or high bounce rates.

    Fifth, try out a couple of these awesome automated blogging tools. 

    Tools help you save time, and provide you with support in every stage of the blogging process. 

    • FocusWriter is a great procrastination beater that hides distractions while you write 
    • BuzzSumo helps you align your article with trending topics so that you can cater to a specific audience
    • AtomicWriter is a powerful blog analytics tool which gives you feedback like a real person! 

    About the Author: Aaron is a professional freelance copywriter who has 5 years of writing experience in technology, business & finance. He also does sales copy & SEO for small businesses.  He can be reached at


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