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5 Secret LinkedIn Marketing Tips that Offer a Competitive Edge


Even though LinkedIn is a huge platform for B2B small businesses and startups to boost outreach and gain qualified leads, it’s actually easier said than done. With intense competition among companies to entice prospects, how do you stand out and market yourself differently to wield the competitive edge? What if you don’t have a huge budget for LinkedIn marketing and you’re unable to go out with all guns blazing?

The trick is you still can make a mark on LinkedIn with a creative approach and persistence. Let’s explore the marketing opportunities on Linkedin for businesses with budget constraints.

Leverage LinkedIn Recommendations for More Exposure

Nothing propels your popularity quite like organic recommendations from your customers and business partners. According to a survey by Dimensional Research, 90% of customers say their buying decisions are heavily influenced by online reviews and recommendations. No wonder why small businesses take negative reviews seriously, whether they pop up on Twitter and Yelp.

LinkedIn recommendations are a great way to spread your popularity and grow your exposure to potential customers. Since they are visible to everyone on your LinkedIn network, you have a great chance to get noticed and establish yourself as a great choice for your prospective customers.

Better still, you can invest in LinkedIn recommendation ads to place your recommendations at strategic locations of your profile page and get optimum exposure on LinkedIn.











LinkedIn Recommendation Ad

Motivate Your Employees to Post Content on LinkedIn

Content marketing isn’t a one-dimensional approach. In fact, it’s not about the content that you produce, it’s about the engagement it elicits in your prospects and followers. In that sense, great content actually comes from unlikely sources such as your employees.

Tap into your employees that have the passion and expertise to write engaging content on LinkedIn and represent the company in the best way possible. Content generated by your employees will sound more natural and get your company more exposure.

Indeed your loyal and motivated employees are better ambassadors of your business as they understand your culture more than anyone else. If you're wary of their writing skills, you can always invest in an editor and help them sharpen their skills along the way.

There’s nothing like a vocal employee gradually establishing authority on LinkedIn by sharing their thoughts and creating a name for herself as well as the company.

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Research Your Prospects and Make Every Post Count

If you have a shoestring budget for content marketing and are unable to publish very frequently, you still can make the most of your allocated budget and maximize your content marketing ROI. With a limited budget, you should aim to make each article focused on the targeted audience and compelling enough for them to engage with.

The best way to ensure high-quality content for your audience is making it relevant to their queries. Join groups, read their queries, research their intent before building your content strategy. When you write content that directly addresses their problems, they are more likely to engage with your posts, which ultimately helps your brand get the valuable exposure.

Knowing there are over 1 million publishers in LinkedIn, you must stay super focused on quality and relevance of your content in order to attract your prospects.

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Optimize Your Company Profile to Boost Visibility

With over 1 billion searches on LinkedIn, visibility of your company profile, in itself, is capable of attracting potential leads and business opportunities. However, boosting your profile visibility requires a well-planned SEO strategy which includes, and not limited to, optimizing your company profile and LinkedIn posts with targeted keywords. This may include making your profile summary, headlines, and even endorsements SEO-friendly and relevant to your prospects’ search queries. According to Gerry Moran, companies with a decent content marketing budget, can also consider running PPC campaigns to improve their visibility on LinkedIn.


Courtesy: LinkedIn/WSJ

Sponsor Important Updates

With over 430 million working professionals frequenting on LinkedIn, there are a great deal of business opportunities waiting to be embraced. Businesses with higher marketing budgets should, therefore, seriously consider investing in sponsored ads on LinkedIn in order to stand apart from the competition and grab qualified leads.

Businesses with a relatively smaller budget can choose to promote selected updates that are potentially more profitable. For example, if you have announced a couple of new features that offer your product a competitive edge, and you’re already seeing decent engagement on your LinkedIn posts, it’s a great case for trying out sponsored LinkedIn ads and offer your posts more exposure.

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Final Thoughts

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about LinkedIn marketing is you get exposure simply by publishing articles. Well, LinkedIn marketing requires a long-term approach and employing strategic approach to influence your target audience. When you stay focused on your prospects and engage with them regularly, you’re more likely to offer content that truly meets their needs.

Published on June 13, 2017

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