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    5 Reasons Why Your Content Fails Miserably

    I believe that we can all formulate a story. If marketers have a voice then why wouldn't people want to hear their stories? Why then do marketers produce content for it only to #fail? Huh, did I say fail? I do not mean to offend anyone but I would like to explain the reasons why your content is unable to perform. Let me assure you though, it has very little to do with how experienced you are as a writer.

    Here are the 5 reasons why your content fails miserably:

    1. It's all about me.

    People do not want to read only about facts and figures when determining to use or purchase your product. People do not care how good you are. They only want to know how good you will be to them. You see, make me a believer (not Belieber) and I become a loyal fan. Show me the love, not by forcing it down my throat but making me believe that I am in control of making my own decision to purchase and maybe I will tell others about my great experience with you! This has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with how "you complete me".


    2. Nobody Can See You.

    If you produce content or a blog and you leave it there hoping that people will find it solely through SEO search then, shame on you! Be proactive and share it with people through E-newsletters or on your appropriate social media channels. Even if you create the best piece of shareable content in the world, if you hide it, you inhibit its success of being seen and shared. My piece of advice, SHARE and SHARE APPROPRIATELY. Implement the tools needed to take the guesswork out of the process. There are many social analytics tools out there as well as optimization platforms that will help.

    3. Your Story Falls Short.

    If your content does not have the appropriate combination of language, structure, sophistication and emotion then your content will fail. Think about it, if your grammar is terrible and the language in your post goes way over your audience's head, then you are creating an environment where there is a disconnect. Disconnect does not equal audience engagement. It actually creates a situation where it has the opposite effect. When your title is boring or worse and it isn't relevant to the body of content, it is annoying and I will move on to the next thing.

    4. You Do Not Understand Your Audience.

    Audiences are not homogenous. We cannot be stuffed into demographic buckets as a solution to identify audiences. It is way more complex than that. How content performs depends on the knowledge and sophistication level of your audience. For example, I have an interest in fitness but I do not have a PhD in medicine. In fact, I have a grade 10 level of science knowledge and a grade 11 level of math knowledge. This means that even though I have a vested interest in fitness, I do not want to read content that discusses in detail the science and terminology around our bodies biological reaction to exercise. The take away is that in order to engage with me, you need to write at my level of sophistication.

    5. Your Story Lacks Appropriate Emotional Influence.

    Make me laugh, make me cry, make me happy, mad or sad. Make me feel something or you will get nothing. The on-the-fence attitude and neutral positioning is only going to damage your story's performance. Even the most boring subject matter laced with some emotional influence is the way to go.

    There is no one recipe for success. We all know this. If you amalgamate all of the above and you hit all the right notes, your content will surely be a recipe written for success.

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