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5 Psychological Tips in Content Marketing to Turn Users Into Customers in 2017

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A good content marketing is never actually visible for an average user but works like magic. We all know that every word is put there on purpose and the whole text is intentionally crafted. Still, non-specialists won’t ever notice that. They will simply buy it. And the product, of course.

From a marketing perspective, creating a selling content is one of the main pillars to support the whole business. How to give an invitation to a user and entice him to become a customer? We would say, you need to use psychology to create a desirable product. The other thing to remember is that customers are always getting smarter in their choice. So, follow the tendencies and apply the newest ideas. Here they are.

1. The Driving Force of Human Behavior

We decided to start from the idea, that won’t ever get old. This is, so to say, an eternal conception you need to know by heart. People avoid pain and look for pleasure. This statement is your golden ticket. Remember it every time you sit down to write a marketing content. Think of the ways to present your product as a pleasant one, or define, why it is useful to avoid everyday difficulties. This is a summary of all the motivation people ever had, and if you understand that, you know how to develop a content strategy.

2. Information Overload

This is the tendency of the latest years. People get overloaded with information around and with the choices they have to make. Endless newsfeed on Facebook, 48 hours of video content uploaded every minute to Youtube only, billions and millions of platforms for news, music, podcasts and so on. A person can not manage all thоse never-ending streams of information anymore. So how can you and your product possibly get enough attention? There are 3 points to know:

  • say less, which means lessen the options you offer to 3 or 4 choices,
  • keep the content focused and meaningful, do not say anything, that is not relevant, and
  • take the time to promote the product.


3. Do Not Push

This method was quite popular among the companies and businesses a few years ago, especially after it was shown in “The wolf of wall street” movie as a perfectly working one to become a millionaire. Still, customers get smarter, remember that. So, if they accepted this approach years ago, it doesn’t mean it works today. Motivation is the only ‘pushy’ thing you can allow yourself to use. Marketing psychology researches say that people got used to a constant upsell, they already ‘feel it,' when you are all about selling, and won’t buy it. Stop it for your own sake.

4. Exchange

Your users will more likely buy your product when they feel themselves indebted somehow. You can create such a feeling by simply offering something for free, like trial versions of a program, great shareable content, webinars, guides, tutorials, etc. Think of something your customers might need besides your main product and offer it for free. The better your free offer would be, the more likely you will turn a user into your loyal customer.


5. Create a Community

Instead of pushing the sales of your product, consider the establishment of a community of people, who are sharing common interests. There are a lot of great examples of small businesses and start-ups you can find online. All they use the same idea as a basis, engaging people around something they like. There was a story popular online few years ago, which served as the impetus. The story was telling about small bakery having thousands of customers every day from all over the city. The bread was so delicious that everybody wanted to stay in line for an hour or more to get a piece of it. While waiting in line, people started talking, and the main topic was their love to a good bakery and food. Thus, they created a community (later - online), which gathered, even more customers around the small bakery. Smart marketers nowadays start from the last point. They create a community of people interested in something particular, and then only mention their product.

Customers nowadays are pretty picky, so to sell your product you have to consider many factors. The content you offer on your website, and social media accounts is one of the most important things in creating an image of your product and company. Be careful in selecting materials and refresh texts due to the newest tendencies. We wish you to ride high!

Author's Bio:

Veronica Hunt is an experienced content marketer from Philadelphia. She sees her purpose in providing people with up-to-date info in the spheres of digital marketing, social media and psychology. You may follow her on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Published on August 11, 2017

Topics Content Marketing Strategy