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    4 Excellent Editing Tools to Make Your Writing Sing

    High quality writing is all about good editing. Even the very best writers need an editor, someone to thoroughly proofread what they’ve written. It’s no secret that the first draft is never a finished piece, and there’s plenty of work to do between reaching the word count, and hitting publish on your blog.

    Writers should always strive to improve their writing skills, but of course that takes time and practice. Fortunately writers can use editing tools and save some time in the process. Make your blog stand out for the right reasons, ensure that your writing is proofread to a publishable standard by using the following tools.

    Editing can be easy, and you can avoid errors that even a seasoned editor might miss, by using some of the tools in this article.


    It’s important that writers know their audience, and their level of reading ability. Writers should always tweak their work to reflect their target reader group, and FD Word Statistics is an excellent tool to aid in that pursuit.

    It’s a Wordpress plugin that uses three different readability measurements to help you to tweak your content for the right audience. Different types of writing require different sorts of words – make sure you’re using the most appropriate ones with this online tool.


    Available for Chrome and Wordpress, Proofread Bot does exactly what it says on the tin. It scans your text for grammar issues, and it can suggest changes to your writing with its natural language processing capabilities.

    On top of that, the plugin can flag any stylistic issues, and it’ll check your content against search engine results for plagiarism. It’s a useful tool, and one that can make your content more readable by highlighting any potential issues with your writing.


    You can use Atomic Writer via a Chrome plugin, or a Wordpress plugin. It’s an excellent piece of online software that helps you target your audience effectively. Run your content through its algorithms and it’ll tell you the sort of background a person would need to understand your content.

    This is especially useful for writers who struggle to dial back on grandiose word usage, and it will ensure that their writing is legible for the people they’re writing for. It’s important to target your audience with effective content that sparkles with clarity and reads with the right kind of simplicity.


    I frequently find myself jumping between my Wordpress admin screen, and a preview window of the piece I’m writing. It’s a pain, and it robs me of time that could be better spent writing, and I sometimes miss grammar or spelling errors in the process.

    Front End Editor is a plugin available for Wordpress that allows you to edit your article directly from the front end of your site. It eliminates irritating tab hopping, and it’s an excellent tool that lets you edit your content on the screen that it’ll be published on.


    The above list covers only some of the tools and plugins available to help you better edit your work. As more and more writers jump on the self publishing bandwagon with blog writing, and even novel writing, it becomes ever more important to create high quality content.

    Take pride in your work and make it shine. Tweak your content to reach your target audience, ensure that it’s proofread to a high standard, and rely more on digital tools than your fallible eyesight.

    Good writing takes time, excellent writing takes more than one draft, and of course, a strong line by line edit. Remove human error from the equation, focus on creating compelling work, and use the digital editing tools mentioned above to make your content sing.

    What tools do you use to aid your editing process? Let us know with a comment below.


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