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    4 Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Strategy With Visual Content

    Your brand is already on social networking sites. Of course it is, you're a fresh, relevant, strong company. According to Internet Live Stats, almost 93% of Canadians are online, engaging daily with people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On top of those three massive social networks, the internet is a vast, expansive place, and it's difficult to keep your audience engrossed when they're only a click away from a billion other distractions. So how do you capture the public's ever-roaming eye? I’ve compiled a few tips on optimizing your social media strategy with visual content.

    Let Pictures Do the Talking

    Telling your story through a visual medium consists of many components. Whether you use pictures, videos, illustrations, GIFs, or the always popular Internet meme, you can positively affect your online presence and client interaction with a little bit of Photoshop and some love.

    Nobody likes reading big blocks of text because they're cumbersome to slog through and many people just skim or skip through them, even though they might miss important information. Consider this: instead of presenting your audience with a wall of writing, why not let a picture do the heavy lifting for you? Don't just make it a boring infographic either, have fun with it! For example, think about famed French DJ duo Daft Punk hanging out with 90s NBA legend Charles Barkley. It might sound good on paper but it is way cooler—not to mention simpler—to just see it.


    Demo Your Product With a Video

    Think of the times you've had to walk a new client through a product demo. They're tired of stale PowerPoint presentations and you can see them struggling to keep their eyes open between meetings. You have five minutes to wow them and you've brought some fantastic production value with you. Now you've gripped their attention with exciting music, animated graphics and a simple representation of how amazing your company is. Your client won't be able to refuse. Even better, after your presentation, they can access the video online using any device so they can show their bosses, colleagues and peers.

     Atomic Reach

    Our product video (which I had a hand in making) is a great example of this.

    Generate Attention with Shares

    When a great piece of content, visual or otherwise, evokes strong emotions in a consumer, it's more likely that they will share it in their social network. Always think about your piece's appeal and its potential to go viral through Facebook shares, retweets or even on popular user-generated content sites like Reddit. It should also be mentioned that you should create your images in different dimensions for each network. Here's a handy guide that I keep on my Bookmark tab for just such occasions.

    Oreo is a great example of a simple image going viral. At 2013's Super Bowl XLVII, the Superdome's power went out for a dreadful 34 minutes. The cookie quickly capitalized, tweeting out the above image, garnering thousands of RTs and Facebook Likes in only one night. Even though it was a simple image (probably created by a poor graphic design intern), the next day, Oreo was all anyone was talking about. Despite the millions of dollars that other companies had invested in celebrity-filled, high-budget Super Bowl spots and ad time, it was a smashing success for Nestle.

    Stay Relevant

    This point is probably the most important as these days, if you aren't keeping your image fresh, you're likely being ignored and just taking up otherwise vacant Internet space. Use your social media accounts to connect on a positive, human level with users and keep a tab on who's tweeting at you and talking about you on Facebook. At the very least, don't be afraid to engage with your audience to respond to complaints and share the content that they're making for you (for free!).

    If your graphic designer isn't available and you're not quite a pro at Photoshop, try a web app like Canva to quickly throw something together. You might even make some design roughs for your designers instead of scribbling your ideas out on a gin-soaked bar napkin!

    Social media is such a recent marketing tool that there are developments that constantly emerge and evolve as time goes on. I could write tips and tricks for you for days, but I promised Summer that I’d have this done last week.

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