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    3 Simple Ways to Incorporate Visuals Into Your Marketing Strategy

    One of the most important parts of your content marketing strategy is its visual components. Your brain processes images faster than text and attaching a graphic to your content can create a mental foothold for your audience, which will result in reads, clicks and leads.

    Graphic design is more than pretty pictures and fancy text. It's a means of visual communication to convey information in an interesting and appealing way. Getting your graphic designer to create images with a consistent look will also strengthen your brand's visual identity and create an instantly recognizable online presence. Sit down and think about fonts, colour palette and a set of visual cues that will occur regularly within your content.

    This all may seem like a lot to process but have no fear. Here are just three simple ways that you can step up your visual game online:

    Blog Post Images

    Every one of your blog posts should have a graphic attached to it, even if it's a simple one. Instead of just presenting your audience with a wall of text, you can create leverage with your readers with a dynamic graphic to draw them in and increase time spent.

    For example, here at Atomic Reach, we've devised a simple, catchy way to attach an image to each post: a title card. Combining the title of the post (optimized, obviously), the Atomic score and one of the bright, bold colours from our logo, it's an easy way to grab attention and generate interest.


    If you've got a lot of dry content or statistics, infographics are the way to go. They allow you to present your information in a fun and engaging way. You'll also be able to stamp your material with your visual identity, immediately reminding the viewer not only who is providing this fun image but creating brand loyalty along the way. In the end, making an infographic might take a little longer but it's entirely worth it.

    Every week after we have an #AtomicChat (every Monday at 9pm EST), we create an easy to read infographic built from the best tweets and tips from our Twitter community. Then we post it to SlideShare, which is a great tool for displaying PDFs online.


    Also known as a Call To Action, a CTA is a button that inspires your viewer to do something. This action could be as simple as following a link, signing up for a mailing list or downloading a file. Either way, you're guiding them on a journey and by including a graphic, you're taking them on the scenic route. Ideally, like your other graphics, the CTAs you create are catchy, engaging and hopefully fun like this Pringles case study.

    At Atomic Reach, I'm constantly making CTAs, whether they're for our blog, corporate page, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or our newsletter. Just make sure that  you've got the right sizing for each network!

    These are only three examples of how to use visuals in your marketing strategy. There are tons of other ways to share images online, especially if your audience is active on Facebook, Twitter or any other number of growing social networks. Remember that images are an important way to connect with your audience. Not only will they capture the attention of your readers, but they will help you establish a consistent visual identity across the board.

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