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    3 Reasons You Should Start a Podcast (PLUS: Quick tips to get started)

    Podcasts have often been in the background of marketing strategies, but over the past few years, podcasts have exploded as a rich content marketing tool.

    The reason this has been happening can be strongly linked to what Michael Wolf of the NextMarket Podcast says in his interview over at Social Media Examiner:

    People see podcasting as a less crowded channel than blogging

    In this blog post, we explore why you should have a podcast with bonus quick tips on getting started.

    Think Of The Potential

    Podcasts have incredible potential. In 2016, podcast listeners grew by 17-21% per month!

    This is for many reasons:

    1. The breadth of potential topics is unlimited, they create a personal connection like few other content pieces
    2. They are very convenient. With the rise of mobile applications and demand for mobile technology, podcasts can reach your audience wherever they are.
    3. Podcasts don't demand your attention the way an eBook, blog post or video does.
    4. Podcasts are easily downloaded to your phone so your audience can listen to them anytime, anywhere.

    Upcycle Your Content

    Producing a podcast gives you a lot of opportunities to re-purpose the content you already have.

    • Do you have a blog post that has garnered a lot of comments? Address them in a podcast episode.
    • Has a topic in your industry trended on social media? Talk about it.
    • Have a guest blogger? Interview them to get some more insight.

    Get maximum mileage from your existing content and transform it into a podcast.

    Connect with People

    The potential of podcasts is not limited to convenience. A podcast is extremely personal because of their ability to connect people to you, your brand and your brand story. This connection is possible because podcasts have a voice, and not the proverbial brand "voice", but a real voice. Sometimes it's yours. Sometimes it's a guest speaker.

    This voice infuses your content with emotion. It builds trust with your audience. It's a deeper relationship than a retweet or comment. Podcasts allow you to connect with your audience and talk with them on a personal, intimate level.

    Quick Tips

    Use these tips to create a successful podcast that resonates with your audience and generates brand awareness.

    1. Have a plan. Create a skeleton for each episode. Include show notes, guests, bios, partners. This is your script for each episode.
    2. Know your audience. It's important to understand who you are talking with, so you can create content that resonates, solves problems or provides valuable advice.
    3. Promote your podcast. Share your content on your blog, social media and newsletter.
    4. Have a schedule. Like any other piece of content, your podcast needs to be consistent. Whether it's once a month, every two weeks or once a week, find a schedule that works for you, and stick to it.
    5. Encourage people to review your podcast. Reviews are important to ensure that you have a good position within podcast directories like iTunes. The more high ratings and positive reviews you get, the more visible you are within the directories.
    6. Have fun! Podcasts are personal. It's why they are so good at connecting with people. So have fun with it.

    Podcasts have so much power and potential. With its limitless applications, from advice to information to inspiration, podcasts connect you to your audience and that critical trust. This builds relationships. And out of relationships, customers are born.

    Do you have any tips to starting a podcast? Comment below!

    About the Author:

    Brittany is a marketing strategist, freelance writer and lifestyle blogger in Calgary, Alberta. When she is not crafting winning marketing strategies, she can be found scoping out the best coffee in the city, testing a new recipe or updating her blog. You can follow Brittany on Twitter (@BrittanyBrander) and Instagram (@brittanybrander).

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