Your New Writing Tools To Create Audience-Centric Content

Here in the Atomic Lab we've been excitedly preparing to launch a whole new set of updates that we can't wait to show you! From what started as an innovative audience-centric writing tool, has now expanded into a whole new suite of products and services for writers and businesses. We are honored to roll out the following new and updated features:

  • AtomicWriter - a writing tool that reveals who your audience is and guides you through the editing process of creating content just for them.
  • AtomicWriter Lite - a lighter version of AtomicWriter, offered as an easy-to-use web app with zero sign-in.
  • AtomicStudio (for brands) - a one-stop content shop for businesses looking to fill their content gap with audience-centric content that helps deliver leads.
  • AtomicStudio (for writers) - a community of writers looking to connect with brands and offer their writing services.

Atomic Reach fills the needs for writers and businesses, creating a community that serves both ends of the content creation cycle.

Here's what we've been up to ... drumroll please!


AtomicWriter is a Chrome extension that shows you how to create audience-centric content by providing in-app, real-time feedback as you write in your blogging platform.

How it works:

By hooking up your RSS feed, Google Analytics and social media networks, AtomicWriter learns how your audience likes to read and the kind of content they resonate with. We’ve defined 5 different target audiences that you would choose from:


Through real-time feedback, AtomicWriter shows you what you need to edit to actively create content with your reader’s  interests in mind.

It also gives you a personalized score, better known as your Atomic Score. This helps you establish a benchmark to work towards and you’ll know to achieve that number every time you blog. This enables you to get maximum impact in your content's performance and consistently giving your audience high quality content.



  • Audience Insights - The dashboard tracks your content’s performance, content engagement data, and shows you when is the most optimal time to share content to your networks.
  • Atomic Score - Everyone gets an Atomic Score based on their historical content. This sets the benchmark for all your future posts.
  • 22+ Measures - Get in-app guidance on how to tweak your content to perfection.
  • AtomicEditor - Don’t have a blogging platform? Use AtomicEditor (this is useful for sites who have multiple contributing writers who don't access to the blogging platform).




As your introduction to using the full AtomicWriter, AtomicWriter Lite is a free and lighter version of the app that’s great to use on the fly. Foregoing any browser installations or sign-ups, you are still able to select the audience you are writing for and identify who your audience is, make adjustments with the tips provided, and rescore. This process of editing ensures that you continuously improve as a writer. It will hone your skills and help you become a more informed writer.


  • Audience Match Meter
  • 22+ Measures


With the AtomicInsights dashboard you will have the information you need to create an accurate content strategy that drives leads.

Armed with the knowledge of what to write for your audience, you’ll also have the stats to know when to post, ensuring your content’s success. Through analytics pulled from your social media accounts, ideal publishing times are suggested for that specific audience group.



  • Performance view - Shows you results of content written at/or above your Atomic Score, compared to content written below your Atomic Score.
  • Content summary - A quick snapshot of all the content you've created. Includes the percentage of content that reaches your Atomic Score, what audience category it's written for, and when it was written.
  • Content details - A list of all of your content and recap of the details that you need to help inform decisions around your content.
  • Audience activity - Lets you see when and where your content is being read, which then educates you where and when you should publish it.



Think of this as a content shop for your business. Many small-to-medium sized businesses don’t have the time or resources to build their blog, but they understand that without one they can’t drive brand awareness, build thought leadership, grow organic search rank and gain leads.

The writers under AtomicStudio use the AtomicWriter tool to produce premium, audience-centric blog content to drive successful content campaigns for businesses looking to grow their reach.

We are determined to know who your audience is and all their reading behaviors, to create audience-centric content that builds a loyal blog audience and increase your leads.

Our clients…

  • Provide topics they request to be covered
  • Have perfectly suited writers create their content
  • Save time editing
  • Can publish with confidence because they get access to AtomicWriter and AtomicInsights

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As a writer, you are integral to AtomicStudio and a business’ success. Our community of writers are experienced, and get paid for producing content for clients in industries like healthcare, financial services, technology and more. To sweeten the deal, writers get AtomicWriter for free, which they can then use for their own personal blogging endeavors.

Click here to offer your writing services and get gigs from brands.

If you have any questions or feedback about our new suite of products, please leave a comment below!

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