You Do What With Your Twitter?! A Guide to Making Great Tweets

I’m in business development for Atomic Reach. And, we’re active in speaking directly to our audience when it comes to providing value to their experience with our product. Several weeks ago, I'd been given the task to listen socially in order to connect with existing clients, spread our message and grow our audience.

Other than LinkedIN, Twitter had been the only other social network I'm active on. And, by active, I mean I occasionally tweeted. I used Twitter mainly for inbound news and to share a few funny things with a couple of my friends.  But since I knew how to use Twitter, I thought It would be a good place to start.

It has now been little over four weeks since I've been actively participating on the network. And, what’s most interesting about being active on Twitter is the growth in my audience. I'm now talking to key people in business I had tried getting in touch with through traditional means. In fact, some have put me on lists or actually given me the coveted ‘follow!’ Here is what  I've found most important on my journey thus far:

Tweet! ...and, not all about business.

Anyone who is an avid user of this social medium will tell you: the more you tweet out the more you will get back. Life is an interesting trip for everyone and there are so many topics we can all relate to. We have a creed that we live at Atomic Reach: Real Content for Real People. Remember, these are real people that read your tweets; and, they want to relate to you. Not just the you that’s in business; but, the you that’s in the world. Now, I'm not saying I don’t separate business and personal twitter accounts. But, when something happens that’s relatable and appropriately shareable - I do it with both personal and business friends!

One of my latest ‘shareable tweets’ came in a deluge of frustration. My 4 year old daughter, when ‘irked,’ likes to retaliate by unrolling all of the toilet paper in the house…

Tweet Chats

Before I got involved in social listening, I never knew that there are organized chats that focus on a myriad of topics. Try one of these out on a business or personal subject. It's surprising how many people out there not only have like minded interests; but, also get together on the twittersphere on a regular basis to discuss. Check out for a calendar of regularly scheduled topics as well as a ‘hands-on’ way to participate in a chat where there are upwards of 15 tweets per second!

Shock and Controversy Go a Long Way!

How many of you made it to this paragraph mainly because the title started with ‘You Do What With Your Twitter?!’ There are 350,000 tweets going out just as you’re reading this sentence. You’re going to have to separate yourself somehow; shocking or controversial tweets is the way to do it! Microblogging is similar to a long format blog, in that the writer must stir emotion Stirring the proverbial pot provides the impetus for your audience to respond, retweet and multiply.

For example, in one of my first tweet chat’s, I had made the mistake of telling a bunch of professional journalists that anyone will be an effective writer, with the help of some tools, in a digital format. I think the comment sparked as much controversy as when Pythagoras claimed the Earth was round (I thought it was Columbus too)! I was instantly swarmed with #disagree tweets and retweets. As I was spending 30 minutes tweeting out replies and data to back up my statement, I thought I would never tweet my opinions again. After the chat was over, I was left with 12 new followers.

Acknowledge, Respond ...Be Interested!

I always make it a point when someone starts to follow me to read their bio. I want to know about my followers, what they do, what they like, etc. That way, I can personalize my ‘thanks for following’ reply.

Did I forget to mention: always thank someone for following!? Yeah, don’t ever take for granted that someone out there has decided to pay attention to what you’re saying. I assume that most have to auto respond, which is probably less effective, but much better than nothing.  Until my following is as big as Lady Gaga’s - I’ll do my best to personalize.

Dale Carnegie said, you can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you. This statement couldn’t be more true when it comes to Twitter. I can’t tell you how many followers I’ve picked up just by replying to a comment about ‘Best Eats in NYC,’ or ‘I’ve Just Checked in at...’ If I’ve been to that foodie’s recommendation or I know exactly where someone is in the world - I engage! How’s the food? How long have you been there?! Vacation or Business? Whatever your goals are on this social network, they’ll only come to fruition if you invite the conversation.

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