Work At Home? Smart Tech For A Healthier Home

Working from home is a choice many of us make in order to reclaim a healthy work-life balance.

Long hours trapped in an air-conditioned office crammed with lots of other people day in day out… urgh, a day at work can make you feel ill just thinking about it.

The freelance life allows you to control your time and take charge of your own lifestyle.

Going for a lunchtime run, sticking to a morning yoga routine, and taking the dog out for an extra walk – all easier when you are the boss of you.

Fortunately, there are also loads of gadgets that can help to make our homes even healthier and human-friendly. Investing in some smart technology for your home working environment can really help you up your healthy lifestyle game.

To help you get started we've picked out three awesome examples of how smart tech can improve your life.

Smart Watch

The freelance life is fantastic but it does have a potential downside.

When you work at home and you're really focused on what you’re doing, remembering to get up, move around, eat, and visit the bathroom can be tough… Thankfully, smartwatches like The Apple Watch are on hand to give us a gentle reminder (or three).

The Apple Watch can measure all your activity using three colour-coded rings. The stand, move, and exercise rings form a fab visual that checks out how you move and stay healthy in very different ways. It can even remind you, with a gentle nudge to the wrist, to stand up and move around every hour.

Use it to track your activity for the week, and to set yourself health and fitness goals from the very simple to the very complicated. Those of us who like a visual aid will love the daily objective to 'close' each of the rings as you reach your goal. 

If you’re ducking out to take the dog for a walk during your lunch hour, the Apple watch can keep you updated on all of your important events. This little gadget means you can keep up with emails, calls, and messages without having to lug your phone and bag around.

Bonus: you can even use it to pay for a sneaky coffee on your way home. This way, the Apple watch saves your spine too!

Smart Heat

The Nest thermostat is a pretty awesome little device. It’s definitely way cooler than any thermostat we've seen before.

The Nest learns how warm you like your home and automatically adjusts the temperature depending on whether you're at home or not. This little gadget keeps those of us working from home at just the right temperature all day and night, saving energy and cash. 

This smart thermostat even tunes to your building’s temperature, learning how it warms and cools; and can be synced to your phone.

The Nest is incredibly simple to set up and use. Simply adjust the program throughout the first week by turning it up, down, or off and it programs itself - this is the future people!

Smart Lighting

Philips Hue smart lighting works in loads of ways to improve your home environment. They save you cash, and can really help to improve your all-around mood.

These clever little bulbs are able to set various “moods” of lighting in different rooms, helping you to relax, feel energized, safe, and most importantly happier.

Hook it up to the Apple Homekit and your light bulb will keep you up to date with weather forecasts and let you know if the phone rings.

Smart tech can really boost your performance by creating the perfect home environment for you. Living the freelance life depends primarily on your writing skills and passion for your business; while smart tech helps everything run a bit smoother.

With smart tech in your home you’ll be a happy writer, meaning happy clients!

So, how about you? What smart gadgets make your life healthier? Know of a must-have app or smart piece of kit? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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