What Score Do The Top Posts on LinkedIn Pulse Achieve?

For a while now I've been curious about how the top articles on LinkedIn would score when analyzed by the Atomic Reach platform.

Would the highest performing articles have high scores (scores at 65 or above) AND what audience knowledge level would they be written for?  So today, on March 9th 2015, I took the top 10 trending articles and analyzed them.  Below is what I found and it's pretty darn interesting!

Overall, these are all well written articles by industry influencers which I knew even before taking the time to score them.  The interesting part is that when you look at the Atomic Score AND at the Knowledge level of each article, a clear pattern emerges.

You will see below that the #1 top article achieved a score of 65 or greater.  And it is written to appeal to a Specialist audience.  It is the only article written for this type of audience and significantly outperformed the others.

Most of the other articles all are at 65 or greater scores and some well into the 70's and all the articles are for a Knowledgeable or General audience.  The two lowest performing articles (out of all these top performers) are for a General audience.

This overview uncovers a few key insights:

1) That all of these high performing articles are also analyzed and score as high quality against the Atomic Reach measures.

2) That given the pattern below it seems that writing for a Specialist audience will resonate the best on LinkedIn Pulse.  And both Knowledgeable and Specialist audiences are the most engaged and most appropriate on LinkedIn Pulse.

3) I'd need to do more research to uncover the most engaged audience types on LinkedIn Pulse.  I plan on running more top performing articles through the platform to see what I can uncover over time and a larger pool of content.

4) The Atomic Ally app will help each of these writers achieve even greater engagement.  By using the app, each writer will receive feedback ahead of publishing and they can insure that they write articles for the most engaged knowledge levels AND achieve a score of 65 or above every time.

Writing for a digital audience is both an art and a science.  Content scoring can help digital writers get their content right consistently which helps increase readership and sharing.  I'm using the Atomic Ally app for this article too. This article's score is a 74 and I'm writing it against a Specialist audience.  Let's see how I do!

To learn more about the Atomic Ally app click here.

Below are links to all the articles, their scores, knowledge levels and performance metrics from March 9th, 2015 for your perusal...

Apple Is Chasing Luxury And Its Painful To Watch by David Kirkpatrick

Views: 378,282

Likes: 964

Score: 67

Audience: Specialist

The #1 Most Impressive Job Interview Question To Ask by Dave Kerpen

Views: 187,133

Likes: 2,416

Score: 76

Audience: Knowledgeable

12 Things Successful People Never Reveal at Work by Dr. Travis Bradberry

Views: 110,546

Likes: 1,163

Score: 71

Audience: Knowledgeable

Apple Watch Elevator Pitch: Forget The Sublime. Focus On The Mundane by John C. Abell

Views: 67,754

Likes: 400

Score: 65

Audience: Knowledgeable

I Walked Out Of A Meeting And Never Came Back by James Altucher

Views: 67,144

Likes: 1,086

Score: 67

Audience: General

Everything You "Know" About Millennials Is Wrong by Dr. Travis Bradberry

Views: 42,145

Likes: 667

Score: 76

Audience: Knowledgeable

I Quit...Please Stay. Now What!? by J.T. O'Donnell

Views: 41,556

Likes: 576

Score: 63

Audience: General

How LinkedIn Execs Run Meetings by Brian Rumao

Views: 30,242

Likes: 1,125

Score: 66

Audience: Knowledgeable

Are You Trapped In The Wrong Job? by Liz Ryan

Views: 25,179

Likes: 450

Score: 68

Audience: General

Kids Who Quit Have Stronger Careers by Penelope Trunk

Views: 19,666

Likes: 394

Score: 70

Audience: General

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