The Best Way to Impact Your Business Is By Coaching Your People

What Do The Best Journalists, Writers, Professional Athletes and Accomplished Chefs Have In Common with Your Business?

They are never complacent. They strive to become better every day, attack each day with passion and redefine the boundaries, leveraging every available opportunity to improve their skills.

As a startup entrepreneur, building a disruptive technology for an industry that is undergoing formative changes, I am heavily reliant on the mentors, coaches and advisors who guide me. Every day is an exciting battle, one that we as a company take on with immense enthusiasm and courage. As a relatively new platform in a category that is growing rapidly (our clients are active content marketers and publishers) we challenge the status quo because we believe that understanding audiences is at the core of every successful decision.

As an avid reader, there is never enough content to satiate my desire to learn. As a novice blogger, I rely on the platforms that afford us the opportunity to participate in a community, share our insights and opinions and learn from diversified voices and experiences.

From a coaching perspective in this capacity, I am heavily reliant on the people around me from whom I can learn, characteristics I can emulate, and the litany of resources I can leverage that help stimulate adaptation, creativity and discipline. Without these behaviours and practices to learn, I am aware that failure is certain. I was recently grappling with a question that I suspect many startups confront, one that is regularly revisited in our business. Can our technology truly help people perfect the art of content creation, a process which we believe sits in between creativity and science? In other words, how can we prove to the market that our technology truly works?

By way of example (and not a shameless plug), the Atomic Reach platform provides prescriptive and suggestive guidance, founded on demonstrable science. It helps content creators improve in an area that's governed by artistry, creativity, instinct and academically developed skills – their writing. As you would expect, we truly understand the law of diffusion innovation and consider its principles in all aspects of our strategy, decision management and operational practices.

As a business, we are fortunate to work with a group of clients and partners who embody innovation and embrace positive change, yet we are still crossing the chasm and spend a vast amount of time and resources educating, demonstrating and proving the reliability and efficacy of our platform.

Our mission as a business is to change the way you understand and connect with your audience. We use the word audience deliberately as we believe that audience connotes a level of intimacy and connectivity that a band or rock star has with its audience when performing live. The same connectivity can and should exist between brands and their audiences.

They are not customers, consumers, or users. We are audiences, made of audience members. We have many choices available to us when purchasing a product. Choices are most easily made when they do not exist. When we believe that someone truly cares about us, our choices disappear and decisions are easy.

As a novice road cyclist, I have a coach and he truly cares about my well-being as he does with all of his audience members. He knows details about my life and how they affect my cycling performance. He understands the stresses I undertake and compensates my training and feedback anticipating the affects they have on me. He checks in unprompted and recalls previous conversations.

As such, when it comes to cycling coaching, there are no choices, just decisions. How much do I want to accomplish with my coach this coming offseason?

This is how we as a business truly believe we can change the way in which you understand your audience. Every decision we make, function we develop, or initiative we undertake has one purpose in mind – helping you understand your audience in a new and better way.

Today, we have created a novel and ground-breaking way to understand audience, content and behaviour. Our vision for tomorrow is to expand into everything and everywhere with one guiding principle in mind – did we help you understand your audience better now than we did before? It is this vision that drives our business forward, defines our culture, inspires us to attack each day with unfettered enthusiasm. It is what defines us. No longer is our mission to demonstrate our platform and its features. Our mission is to humanize business and change the way in which you think about and connect with your audience.

Coming to this realization has changed every aspect of our business. We aren't looking to hire “A” players but rather, inspired people who truly do care and believe that we can change the way in which people think about and connect with their audience. We no longer discuss value propositions or product features in our messaging as these words are easily replicated by other platforms that are nothing like ours.

We focus on demonstrating to our audience that changing the way in which they think about their audience will truly change their business. Our platform is a coach. It is a coach that will make you better, to help you improve and change the boundaries, and yes, it will help you improve your skills. You may not believe me and that is okay.

If you are an entrepreneur, work in a startup, or is looking to climb to the top of your industry and/ or company, never stop being coached. Surround yourself with advisors who push you, challenge the status quo and believe in something more.

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