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    10 Tips To Get More Impact On Your Blog Posts

    Have you ever published a blog post, and saw almost no traffic coming back to your site or on social media? Competing to get the attention of the 329 million people who read the thousands of blogs published a day, means taking extra care in every phase of blogging.

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    6 Ways to Write Titles That Capture Your Audience’s Attention

    In 2014, the WordPress network (blogs hosted either on or externally-hosted WordPress sites) published an average of 17 blog posts per second. Yes, per second!

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    6 Amazing First-Impression Tips to Make Your Title Stand Out

    Creating a lasting impact and drawing in your reader is a little bit like dating, first impression is key! Just like a first date, the first impression is imperative, similar to how the title is a critical facet of your blog post.

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    Not Getting the Blog Attention You Want? Here's Why

    Are you writing a ton of blog articles but not getting the attention you want?

    I know. It’s frustrating when you pour countless hours into your posts, but whatever you're writing, it just doesn't seem to work. If only there was something that could tell you exactly what you're doing wrong.... (jump to the end of this article if you want to know what tool to use for blogging feedback!).

    Here are some reasons why you're not getting the attention you want.

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    How to Create Compelling Content That Converts

    I recently read an insightful blog post by Jean of Kapost suggesting that "a laissez-faire approach to creating content won’t cut it anymore". New research from Demand Metric shows that formats that used to work for marketers are not working anymore. Meaning: they don't pull audience interest like they once did.

    It seems that the revolution of content marketing is producing content clutter which in turn results in content fatigue. To combat this, marketers must innovate and delight their audience with new forms of content.

    So how do we push through the clutter and create content to stimulate engagement with our target audience?

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    5 Sure-Fire Ways You Can Write Click-Worthy Blog Titles

    Did you know that on average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest? When it comes to writing your blog title, first impressions are everything. You get one chance to make them click so make it count!

    Here are 5 sure-fire ways to make sure people will click on your titles.

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