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Thought Leadership in Healthcare: Here’s How You Build it

Thought leadership has emerged as a highly effective marketing tool in the healthcare industry in recent years. With an increasing number of people searching online for health information, healthcare specialists and wellness professionals have a wealth of opportunities to educate their potential customers and establish thought leadership in their area of practice.

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How To Use LinkedIn To Drive Big Traffic

As of October 2016, LinkedIn boasted  467 million registered users.

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My Take from Content Marketing World: Thought Leadership

Three weeks ago I attended the Content Marketing World conference in Columbus, OH.  Talk about a growing industry!  Last year there were about 600 attendees, which I thought was remarkable given it was the first of its kind in the content marketing space.  This year there were over 1,000 in attendance!  Think there is something to this content marketing and content[...]

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5 Ideas on What to Curate For Thought Leadership

Content curation is one of the necessary pillars for thought leadership. From bolstering positions to engaging audiences, the content must be relevant, insightful and shareable to be affective and successful. Why it is important and how to go about content curation for thought leadership has already been established from my previous articles, but what to curate is[...]

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Why Content Marketing is Good for B2B Companies

In 2011, there were 273, 067, 546 internet users in North America. 273, 067, 546 people were consuming and contributing information in a dynamic and eager fashion, keen on content and knowledge. With such a vast audience online, content marketing has become vital in knowing and connecting with your audience. For B2B companies, good and accessible online content is[...]

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