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How Atomic AI Measures The Emotion In Your Content

If there is a single feature in our platform that has generated the most interest (but also the most confusion), it is our Emotion measure.

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How Smart Technology Benefits the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry accumulates vast amounts of structured and unstructured content every day:

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The 4 Greatest Ways The Internet of Things Can Benefit the Developing World

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

It is the network of physical objects, whether they are devices, vehicles, buildings, or even humans, which are embedded with electronics, sensors, software and network connectivity.

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Work At Home? Smart Tech For A Healthier Home

Working from home is a choice many of us make in order to reclaim a healthy work-life balance.

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Machine Learning Innovation in the Information, Communications and Technology Industries

Have you ever visited a favorite e-commerce website, and noticed the website was recommending some products you had looked at before?

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