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    How Our Industry Report Became a Valuable Sales Tool

    Start-ups, particularly those in the tech field, have a tendency to break new ground and disrupt tried and tested paradigms. They have the potential to create their own market, or build on an existing market in a way that completely transforms it.
    When we onboard a client, the account manager presents them with monthly performance reports. These reports go over all the KPIs that are prioritized, such as average page views, monthly visitors, and time spent. 

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    Is the New York Times Sadly Doomed to Disappear? Perhaps Not.

    At a whopping 96 pages I’ve been putting off reading the recently leaked New York Time’s (NYT) new ideas task force on how they can maintain their relevance in the current age of media.

    Like many traditional publishers, they are struggling to maintain an audience, never mind growing one.  The NYT’s is a massive and historic institution that’s knee deep in a battle with countless news providers that are more nimble, innovative and socially savvy than themselves.

    I peeled it open this past weekend and here are my 10 observations.

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