5 Writing Prompts to Help You Think Outside The Box

In 1938, a small local company was founded to sell dried fish, fruit, and vegetables. Through decades of intense diversity and wholehearted effort, the company has flourished to become one of the leading forces in modern technology—Samsung.


How To Boost Your Relationships With Super Sticky Content

Key Action Takeaways

  1. Current marketing psychology suggests the primary goal of a website is to establish relationships with users, by increasing the time users stay on site and the frequency that they return.
  2. The “stickiness” of blogs and websites has resurfaced as the key to creating loyal visitors who eventual migrate to purchasing your product or services.
  3. Superior content in large quantity and variety sticks to users, slowing traffic down and maximizing time spent on your pages.
  4. Bloggers and marketers use psychology with Internet marketing tools to create sticky content and establish strong relationships.

Features of Blogs That Create Sticky Sites

What comes to mind when you hear the word “sticky?”


How to Make Your Blog Deliver Real Value to Your Readers

You’re a blogger.


5 Critical Ways To Connect To Your Audience

When it comes to blogging, it’s not only about what you write but how you write.

People buy into the hype of ever-changing trends and products daily.  Why?  Because they understand them and, more importantly, believe in them.  The same goes with content marketing and blog writing, you have to make it believable.


Spreading the Word About Your Blog: Increasing Audience Engagement

With an estimated 181 million active blogs worldwide, it can be easy for your blog to get lost in the crowd. With so much competition, how is it possible for your blog to actually be read and noticed? Better yet, how do you gain a loyal following? The answer is simply audience engagement.


Human vs. Machine: Should bloggers write for search engines or their readers?

In an era of search engine optimization (SEO), bloggers and online writers are faced with the challenge of pleasing both search engines and their readers. With this new challenge has come new debates on whether to write for SEO or the readers themselves. To make it even more complicated, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, which can explain changes in rankings and website traffic. With this in mind, many content marketing experts have concluded that quality content is king and producing high quality content pleases both readers and search engines alike.


How Blogger Jamie Reeves Doubled Her Traffic Using Atomic Reach

Posted on July 06, 2012
By admin

Over here in our Atomic World, we’ve been receiving great feedback from bloggers using our platform. They’ve been so vocal about their experience that we just had to interview them.