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    4 Ways To Hone Your Writing Skills

    You know who your audience is, you’ve been writing for them for a few years now, and yet your writing feels off. In a competitive industry of bloggers, online writers, copywriters, freelancers, and content marketers we face stagnation. We don’t know if our writing is improving, degrading, or simply blending in with the crowd. There are tools (like AtomicWriter!) to help, and thousands of blogs publishing and republishing writing advice, but how do we become better if we’re already seasoned writers?

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    4 Foolproof Proofreading Tips

    The foundation of any great writer is their ability and dedication to proofread every work that they put out into the world. Though for most writers this is more easily said than done. Check out a few of these handy tips to improve your editing skills.

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    Topics: writing, Content Marketing Strategy, edit, proofread

    7 Best Practices for Editing Your Articles

    Whether you are a writer or editor, you will want to achieve the best you can with your content. Take note of this list of seven pointers to be sure you are following the best practices when editing your articles.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, edit, editing, grammar, proofread

    Not Getting the Blog Attention You Want? Here's Why

    Are you writing a ton of blog articles but not getting the attention you want?

    I know. It’s frustrating when you pour countless hours into your posts, but whatever you're writing, it just doesn't seem to work. If only there was something that could tell you exactly what you're doing wrong.... (jump to the end of this article if you want to know what tool to use for blogging feedback!).

    Here are some reasons why you're not getting the attention you want.

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    5 Things You Must Do Before You Hit Publish

    Before you hit publish on your blog post, there is one critical step before you click that button.

    That mission critical step is to review your work. If you are a one-man show (where you don't have the luxury of having a team) then you'll be going through the system of a self-edit process.

    It may sound tedious but you want to make sure that your writing is polished, easy-to-read and effective. It is important that you review your work with a critical eye. You wouldn't want the world to read poor writing, you can lose a lot of readers that way.

    Here are 5 things you must do before you hit publish! 

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    Topics: writing, blog, Content Marketing Strategy, edit, proofread, publish, review