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Guest Blogging Contributors: What Not To Do

When I’m not glued to Tumblr like the addict that I am, I can be found editing the entertainment section of Paper Droids, a geeky-themed blog for women. Part of this role means I’m constantly getting new applications regarding guest blogging. Accepting a guest blogger can be beneficial to both the blog and writer, but that also means collaborating with someone you’ve[...]

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Successful Brand Blogging Incorporates Third-Party Content

Third-party content is becoming increasingly vital for effective content marketing plans. As time and resources are limited, content marketers are striving to create original content on a daily or weekly basis. In fact, 56% of B2B marketers have cited “time and bandwidth” as their biggest challenge to creating content. Coupled with corporate blogging, brands are[...]

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Blogging Checklist for 2013


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