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How to Find the Right Writers for Your Healthcare Blog

You've done your research and decided on topics. You feel confident about your new healthcare blog. 

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Your Freelance Writing Career - The State of the Business

Traditional print and even broadcast journalism is under unprecedented pressure to survive. Advertising revenues are becoming scarce, and content consumers are turning to the internet for their:

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How To Stand Out As A Freelance Writer Without Setting Your Fonts On Fire

With a growing number of freelance writers entering the market, some freelancers may feel the need to resort to alphabet arson to attract attention.

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5 Ways To Blog Like A Rockstar, Baby!

Writers and their blogs are a bit like good house contractors and their own houses...often times we write so much for other people that our own blogs suffer.

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Creating Your Own Blog As A Freelance Writer

If you have been generating a decent amount of business as a freelance blogger, you’ll need to muster up enough motivation and creativity to create your own blog. Ghost writing, or writing under another company’s brand can provide a good start for your writing career, though creating your own blog elevates your game to another level.

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How to Create Highly Engaging Content for Your Audience

Hey there, fellow writer!

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How To Find Time To Blog As A Part-Time Business

Pursuing freelance writing as a "side hustle" or in your "spare time" can be extremely rewarding, both financially and creatively. You might decide to generate revenue through your own blog, contribute posts to customer sites on a contract basis, or ghost write for a variety of web channels.

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