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Are You Looking For Love Online? Write Your Dating Profile With AI and Atomic Love

If you search my name on the web, you will get results ranging from considerate lover to the smartest man in the world. Both are true and it is for these reasons I found this project to be so interesting personally. If I haven't lost you yet, the project I am talking about is a fun and valuable little execution called Atomic Love.

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Your New Writing Tools To Create Audience-Centric Content

Here in the Atomic Lab we've been excitedly preparing to launch a whole new set of updates that we can't wait to show you! From what started as an innovative audience-centric writing tool, has now expanded into a whole new suite of products and services for writers and businesses. We are honored to roll out the following new and updated features:

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The Best Way to Impact Your Business Is By Coaching Your People

What Do The Best Journalists, Writers, Professional Athletes and Accomplished Chefs Have In Common with Your Business?

They are never complacent. They strive to become better every day, attack each day with passion and redefine the boundaries, leveraging every available opportunity to improve their skills.

As a startup entrepreneur, building a disruptive[...]

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Your Favorite Collaboration Platform Goes Atomic

Exciting news today, as we welcome Kapost users to Atomic Reach, and audience engagement through quality content.

In case you haven't heard of Kapost, is a wonderfully robust yet simple content strategy and collaboration tool.

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Are you engaging with your audience so they connect?

As a lifelong story teller, I get it. It's about the audience. When you tell a story, if nobody is listening, your story really doesn't matter. Been there, done that.

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Engaged audiences are profitable audiences. Atomic Reach has your solution.

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We've got big news.

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The Benefits of Crowdsourcing for Content Marketing

By now, most of you are well aware of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s alleged crack addiction.If you’re familiar with this news story, you’re probably also familiar with the crowdsourcing site which has successfully raised the $200,000 needed to purchase the alleged video depicting the mayor smoking what appears to be crack-cocaine. The success of this campaign got me[...]

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#AtomicChat Recap: Google+ Tips and Communities

This Monday, #AtomicChat-ters gathered to discuss about the new buzz in social media: Google Plus Communities. Our guest host was Debbie Horovitch, Social Media Concierge at the Sparkle Agency. She was so fantastic at our last #AtomicChat on LinkedIn, we just had to invite her back for round 2!

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12 Mouth-Watering Thanksgiving Recipes

It’s that time of the year – to give thanks, spend time with family and friends and indulge in delicious comfort food! We have curated some of our most mouth-watering Thanksgiving recipes from our Atomic Reach bloggers. With these twelve recipes, create the most memorable Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends this year. If you already celebrated Canadian[...]

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