Choosing the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

According to Statista, approximately 2 billion internet users are using social media networks and these figures are still expected to grow as mobile device usage and mobile social networks increasingly gain traction.


Deck Your Editorial Calendar with Awesome Content

Holidays can be stressful, both at home and in your business. The key to relieving at least some of that stress can come from planning ahead. And one way to plan ahead, at least in your content marketing, lies in a solid, well maintained content calendar.


6 Noteworthy Ways to Drive Shares for Your Content

I hit 'share' on my content but no one is clicking, why?

What elements within a social media update should be optimized for maximum visibility?

The key to getting your content shared is to make sure it's shareable. If it's optimized for everyone to share then your posts can spread like wildfire. Here are 6 ways to help make your content go viral.


How to Create Compelling Content That Converts

Posted on July 03, 2014
By Summer

I recently read an insightful blog post by Jean of Kapost suggesting that "a laissez-faire approach to creating content won’t cut it anymore". New research from Demand Metric shows that formats that used to work for marketers are not working anymore. Meaning: they don't pull audience interest like they once did.

It seems that the revolution of content marketing is producing content clutter which in turn results in content fatigue. To combat this, marketers must innovate and delight their audience with new forms of content.

So how do we push through the clutter and create content to stimulate engagement with our target audience?


The Most Important Facebook Status You Will Read All Year


5 Content Sharing Facts That You Should Always Keep In Mind

Remember that post I did about social media stats? Well, consider this a sequel of sorts, only with more of a focus on  the best way to share other people’s content and how to make sure your own posts are share-worthy for others.


Using Colours to Market Your Brand

Have you ever noticed that lots of social media sites are blue? Think about it: Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr all use blue as a key part of their colour schemes. While this may seem like one big coincidence, the importance of colours in marketing has been recognized for a while now, and its impact on visitors is taken into account in design schemes. Here are three things to consider while deciding the use of colour for your brand.


5 Handy Tools For Measuring Your Social Media Reach

Sending out a Tweet or posting a blog can feel like throwing an object into an abyss. Unaware of where your content will end up, you sometimes feel like you’re left to sit there and just hope your message eventually reaches your target audience. With an estimated 88% of American businesses expected to increase social media spending in 2013, brands want to guarantee they will reach their target audience(s). In order to avoid aimless and unsuccessful social media messaging, check out these essential tools to see what content wins and what loses.


Brainstorming Tips to Help Prevent a Blogging Bind

All bloggers can relate to a coming down with a dreaded case of writers block. It usually begins  with a blank Word document, lack of inspiration and increasing frustration. Sitting at your computer and staring out your window, there just seems to be nothing worth writing about. To avoid these tedious moments, every blogger should take the time to acquaint themselves with the art of brainstorming. Here are a few lesser known routes for brainstorming that DON'T involve aimlessly staring out a window.