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Fix These 10 Email Marketing Mistakes and Triple Your Website Traffic

Even the most practiced and experienced marketers can make simple mistakes. They’re often easily overlooked and very simple to remedy, but they’re the kind of mistakes that can cost people a whole lot of traffic. Every marketer should be aware of the following mistakes, and take immediate steps to rectify and stay on top of them. It’s all too easy to become[...]

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14 Useful Tools to Add to Your Marketing Technology Stack

The Marketing Technology Stack is essentially a collection of technology tools which content marketers can use not only to drive and monitor their campaigns but to measure their performances as well. The marketing tech stack can consist of several technology-based tools such as SaaS platforms, traditional software, and social media tools.

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How to Tag Your Subscribers for Better Results: Best Practices

The effectiveness of your email marketing depends largely on your ability to send quality content to your subscribers.

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The 3 Steps That Will Get You More Inbound Leads

Getting inbound leads makes businesses happy. They are being found by people who genuinely want to learn more about who they are, and what they do without having to open their wallets.

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How to Dust off Your Content Marketing Strategy with Machine Learning Tools

As a marketer who crafts content for the online world, I often question whether or not I’m being heard.

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5 Reasons Why Your Emails Aren't Getting Read

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, down my infinite list of emails. I’m pretty sure I’ve clicked on what’s important, and have deleted the ones that were probably not.

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#AtomicChat Recap: Software Advice On How To Pick The Right Email Marketing Software

Email is not dead.

The rise of email has ushered in an age of more efficient, expedient and direct conversations than ever before. And perhaps it overdelivered on those promises with people get a lot of emails, on average 121 a day.

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Atomic Audit: Customizable Content Analytics Report to Optimize All of Your Communication Pieces

We are excited to announce our newest offering!

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Your Data: The Secret Weapon To An Amazing User Experience

The Atomic Reach platform was built over the last 3 years, with the belief that this amazing platform would rock the content marketing world.

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