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5 Psychological Tips in Content Marketing to Turn Users Into Customers in 2017

A good content marketing is never actually visible for an average user but works like magic. We all know that every word is put there on purpose and the whole text is intentionally crafted. Still, non-specialists won’t ever notice that. They will simply buy it. And the product, of course.

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5 Little Tricks For Better ROI On Your Marketing and Branding Efforts

Want to get the most out of your marketing? Try these tips and tricks.

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3 Benefits Ebooks Activate For Your Business

In the current content-centric B2B environment, prospects are bombarded with all forms of original content. Blog posts, videos, whitepapers and ebooks theoretically all serve the same purpose: providing value to prospects at no cost.

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Does Your Support Team Know More About Your Product Than You Do?

Did you ever think to outsource customer help? Outsourcing customer support helps with getting replies. By working with a team that has an international reach, you will ensure that all of your customers are being attended to.

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4 Killer Ways Brands are Integrating Instagram into Their Content Marketing Strategy

It's now been over a year since Facebook's acquisition of photo-sharing app Instagram. The take-over resulted in a 500% increase in active Instagram users, see the app grow from 22 million users to 100 million in just a years time.

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