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    3 Reasons Why Our Free-Trial Process Was Hurting Us

    The concept of a trial process is ubiquitous within the SaaS field. What better way to convince a potential client of the benefits of your product than giving them the keys to a risk-free test drive? If your product is truly as brilliant as you say it -  it should sell itself, right? WRONG! 

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    How You Can Use Content Psychology To Really Drive Up Sales

    They say that the key to more sales is understanding what your target market wants from your business. However, 'target market' is just a collective noun describing many people and more types of personalities.

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    Topics: blog post, consumer, Content Marketing Strategy, copywriting, customer, marketing, psychology, sales, study

    4 Simple Steps To Turn Your Blog Into A Lead Generation Machine

    Have you ever taken a minute to consider why you blog?

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    Topics: audience, blog, blog writing, bloggers, blogging, blogs, Content Marketing Strategy, customer, Lead Generation, marketing

    Going Beyond: 4 Ways You Can Deliver Exceptional Client Service

    Last week, I had one of the most rewarding experiences in client services yet: a blogger I outreached to offered to give me a LinkedIn recommendation. I was both pleased and surprised at this offer. It’s not often that client or customer service positions receive such positive feedback.

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