3 Benefits Ebooks Activate For Your Business

In the current content-centric B2B environment, prospects are bombarded with all forms of original content. Blog posts, videos, whitepapers and ebooks theoretically all serve the same purpose: providing value to prospects at no cost.


How to Create Highly Clickable CTA Buttons

In the midst of a meeting to reconstruct our website, we soon realized that this would be an immense team and time investment. Both of which we didn't possess.


3 Ways to Get CTAs Working for You to Get More Blog Subscribers

Isn't it frustrating when you put a lot of time and effort into your blog but hardly anyone is reading it, never mind subscribing to it?

I think it's safe to say that we have all felt that way. What does it take to get more blog subscribers? Luckily this is one of the goals we (at Atomic Reach) are trying to achieve. Here are 3 things we've learned about creating effective CTAs to get more blog subscribers.


3 Simple Ways to Incorporate Visuals Into Your Marketing Strategy

One of the most important parts of your content marketing strategy is its visual components. Your brain processes images faster than text and attaching a graphic to your content can create a mental foothold for your audience, which will result in reads, clicks and leads.

Graphic design is more than pretty pictures and fancy text. It's a means of visual communication to convey information in an interesting and appealing way. Getting your graphic designer to create images with a consistent look will also strengthen your brand's visual identity and create an instantly recognizable online presence. Sit down and think about fonts, colour palette and a set of visual cues that will occur regularly within your content.

This all may seem like a lot to process but have no fear. Here are just three simple ways that you can step up your visual game online: