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    Why Audience Segmentation Will Save Your Content Marketing Program From Failure

    Reliable, sound and detailed insights about your audience predicates a high performing content marketing program. Without access to this mission critical information, we lack the necessary data to make informed decisions that will result in meaningful interactions with our customers.

    Imagine an interior designer creating a theme for your new house without understanding your vision or taste. How would you feel about your investment advisor allocating your money without first learning about your goals or appetite for risk. Would you allow your travel agent to book you on a trip not knowing about your interests in rest, activity or adventure?

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    Topics: analysis, audience, audience segments, audience sophistication, content marketer, Content Marketing Strategy, psychographics, segment, Social Media, Target Audience

    What Sears Can Teach Content Marketers... What Are You Waiting For?

    As a marketing professional, you have worked hard at creating a marketing and social media strategy that heightens brand awareness, drive inbound sales leads, and promote all sorts of opportunities.

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    Topics: sears, content marketer, Content Marketing Strategy, fitstudio, marketer