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How AI Can Improve User Engagement [Infographic]

If you are a marketer, there is no doubt you are aware of AI-based companies cropping up across the industry. What was once thought of as a “fad” has now evolved into a full-blown movement, thanks to growth in funding initiatives, emerging success stories and intuitive new companies.

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How Technology Is Changing Digital Marketing

The technological innovations have transformed the marketing practices in ways few had imagined before.

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What AI Means for Your Business and How It’s Changing Companies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming mainstream as businesses use this technology to solve complex problems and offer better value to their customers. From CRM to Customer Support to Cyber Security, AI has become virtually indispensable in all business activities. While tech behemoths such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook have already[...]

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How AI is being used in Advertising and Marketing

Apart from dominating popular culture for years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also become a subject of significant interest among computer scientists in the recent times. Wikipedia defines AI as intelligence exhibited by machines. However, in layman terms, when a computer program or machine is designed to mimic “cognitive functions” or perceive its environment[...]

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This AI Proofreader Will Make You A Better Copywriter

*This is an excerpt from Matthew Hugh's original article posted on TheNextWeb

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How Atomic AI Measures The Emotion In Your Content

If there is a single feature in our platform that has generated the most interest (but also the most confusion), it is our Emotion measure.

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Why Content Marketing Strategies Fail Without Predictive Analytics [Podcast Recap]

As per a recent survey by Content Marketing Institute’s & MarketingProfs, nearly 22% of B2B marketers said their content marketing strategies weren’t very effective while 4% of the respondent revealed their content marketing efforts weren’t effective at all.

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Machine Learning Innovation in the Information, Communications and Technology Industries

Have you ever visited a favorite e-commerce website, and noticed the website was recommending some products you had looked at before?

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