Three Quarters of Content a Waste of Time, Space, and Money?

Imagine this… you’re in a meeting with executive leadership and the agenda has the discussion turning to you next.

You’re prepared to tell everyone how your content marketing strategy is working.  You have numbers and graphs obtained from post-publishing analytics tools.  You’re ready to answer questions about SEO, brand visibility, engagement, and how all of that is going to help drive more sales conversions.

These executives are probably the ones who had to be "sold" on the concept of content marketing.  They funded efforts to go forward with the plan.  They have communicated to board members, investors, and others throughout the organization that providing content to educate, inform, or even entertain your target audience is the way to go!

Your customers and prospective customers will “like” and share this content with their friends on social channels, will comment on each article, and all of this interaction will heighten brand awareness, improve engagement metrics that you hang your hat on, and lead to all things great in your marketing strategy.

Now think about this… What would these executives say if they learned that nearly three quarters of your company’s content was just sitting out there on your website or social channels and nobody was paying any attention to it?  What if people weren’t sharing the content, there were very few comments, and not many “likes”?  This would probably raise a lot of eyebrows and cause them to question why they’re investing in such a strategy!

How can you avoid this scenario and publish content that hits the mark with your audience every time?  It can be easier than you might think!

Real people make up your audience.  First, you must understand them.  Who are they and what is their sophistication level relative to the content you're producing?  What do they like or dislike and what's important to them?  Next, what are the characteristics of your content that they like to consume?

By using a platform such as Atomic Reach, you will understand the answers to these questions.  Your writers and editors will then be able to create and publish content that hits the mark with your audience every time!  Content creators can take the guesswork out of the equation BEFORE they publish.

The situation above is similar to what played out with one of the world’s most renowned healthcare institutions and is consistent with nearly every prospective client Atomic Reach has analyzed, so you are not alone.  It’s easy to fix and the results will astonish!  Take a look:


Why rely solely on post-publishing analytics, which only tells you part of the story?  Avoid the scenario where so much of your content just takes up space and feel confident before you publish.  Now think about how much better that meeting would be to deliver those types of results!

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