The Best Way to Engage Your Audience Is to Optimize Your Content

Many people ask us what we do. When we tell them we optimize content to better engage audiences, they ask, "How? Is it SEO? How do you know who our audience is? How can the tool help us if we have multiple audiences? How is your tool different from others, especially Google Analytics?" So we thought, maybe we should design a graphic to explain what we do. We're happy to say that it's been a hit and it's being shared everywhere. Wanna see it? Check it out after the jump!

1) So what is Atomic Reach?

The first part of the graphic is a very broad overview of what we do in a nutshell.

You create content on your device, and we help you optimize it for your audience. We aim to help any and every writer, whether they're a brand, publisher or blogger, to drive greater audience engagement before they hit publish.

Because when you're creating great content for real people, you're building a lasting connection with your audience. Period.

So where do you start? Sign up at here to feed in your blog's RSS feed and download the plugin. Which CMS are you using? Don't worry, we've got you covered. You can find our Atomic Engager plugin on Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

2) Know who your audience is before you start writing

We help you identify who those people are and how to write for them. When you know who your audience is, you can perfect your message for them.
Using our platform, you are given 4 different audience types to choose from. The wheel in the diagram shows these four and includes a number of adjectives which help define who they are. Check it out below.

3) Love your audience and they will love you back.

Once you've chosen your audience type(s), our plugin will be able to detect which parts and elements in your articles need tweaking to better engage your target audience. This is because when you are able to match your audience’s sophistication on a specific topic, and tug at their heart, you are bound to do better.
As we've said before, great content for real people will always find an audience.
That's the best way to build repeat customers, greater evangelism and ultimately a better ROI. It's that simple. Love your audience and they will love you back.

4) What's your Atomic Score?

Every brand, publisher and blogger gets their own Atomic Score.
So how do you know what resonates with your audience and what doesn't? Our Insights dashboard gives you up to the minute analysis of your content performance as it relates to the connection to your audience on both web and social platforms.
Our Insights platform is brand spanking new and we are excited to be launching the tool soon. Sign up for early access to be amongst the very first users!

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