Why Your Brand Needs A Content Style Guide by CopyPress

Life as an editor is easier than ever. Many software platforms like Atomic AI and other grammar-centric technology can eliminate your spelling and syntax errors. However, you don't hire editors to simply run spell-check and format your content; you hire them to defend your brand.

Your editors are your last line of defense before anything gets sent to the client, management, or the customer. They control the tone and work to ensure that anything published under the brand's name is something the company can be proud of.

Unfortunately, your editor can't run spell-check for poor word choice, and he or she doesn't have a dictionary to consult when researching your tone. This is why your editor checks your style guide.

This is a living document that provides information and rules that your editors should follow to ensure that anything produced under the company's name is acceptable.

If the content doesn't line up with the style guide, it should be rejected.

This infographic by CopyPress further explains the importance of a style guide and how an organization should use one. A style guide isn't merely a tool for your editing team; rather, it is a living resource that all employees, no matter how long they have been at the company, should turn to.

A well-maintained style guide is constantly changing as the brand evolves, which means that writers, editors, and even CEOs need to keep it close by to ensure that they're representing the brand accurately.

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Derek Miller is a content marketing consultant for CopyPress. CopyPress is a leading digital content production company, specializing in articles, infographics, interactives, and videos. For content marketing advice and more information about our capabilities, visit CopyPress.com.


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