Your Blueprint to Generating Online Leads

Instead of jumping head first into an online marketing campaign, companies should take the time to look at the big picture. While most companies with a website want to generate leads, few of them know how to structure their marketing campaigns to maximize their lead generation.

Created by Straight North, The Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic visualizes the online channels that can be leveraged to create a reliable lead generating website.

Horizontally, the infographic moves from website traffic sources at the top, to new customers at the bottom. In between is where the magic happens —

  • The second row of hexagons are the available Internet marketing campaigns used to draw traffic into the website.
  • At the heart of it all is the company website, with a list of all of the content options available for turning visitors into leads.
  • Below the website and to the right: the technical workflow of lead generation Internet marketing campaigns, including transfer of form and phone inquiries to the sales team, and the transfer of sales lead data to campaign reports and the use of sales lead data for conversion optimization (A/B split testing and other techniques).

The infographic can also be used to identify holes in your lead generation campaign. For example, if there is no lead validation process to separate sales lead from other non-sales inquiries, your lead generation campaign can become a wasteland. When filling these gaps marketers will be able to better scale and modify their campaign to make the leads they generate rainmakers.

What online channels do you think are best for generating leads?


About the Author

Brad Shorr brings his 25 years of experience in marketing and sales into his role as Internet marketing agency Straight North’s Director of Content Strategy. Brad is a skilled SEO copywriter, social media marketer, and content strategist.

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