The Best Kept Secrets to Making Your Emails Great!

Email marketing is alive and well and is a powerful and effective tool for Marketers.  Today I read this article by McMurryTMG that talks about some of the stats that prove how effective email marketing continues to deliver results Email Marketing Isn't Dead And We Have The Stats To Prove It.

If we are going to continue to use email marketing as a key tool in our marketing toolbox then we need to stay focused on the best practices to leverage. It will help us a) drive better open rates and action from our emails and b) we build better relationships with our customers and c) avoid negatively impacting those relationships by mis-handling our email communications.

Here are some of the best kept secrets and best practices to keep in mind and implement around your email marketing:

1) How do I grow my email list faster?

It's no secret that building an email list takes time and effort.  One of the key ways to insure you are growing as fast as possible is:

  • Make sure you tell people WHY they want to sign-up.  What type of information/value you will provide and how often you will deliver it to them.  Even better give them choices on frequency.
  • Have a call to action/sign-up in more than one location on your website to make it easy for people to find.  Put it on your homepage and alongside any articles or content.  Make it accessible!
  • Insure the sign-up form itself quick and easy to fill out.  Ask for exactly the information you need from them and no more.  The more information you request the lower your subscription rate. And use a double opt-in process, meaning who subscribe receive and email confirming their subscription.

2) How do I get people to open my emails?

There are some easy and simple ways to improve your open rates:

  • Subject lines have a big impact on whether someone will open your email or not.  Keep them short, personalize them, don't use "jargon", make it friendly, use proper spelling and grammar and make it relevant to them.  And use A/B testing to get it right.
  • Make sure your sender name is from a person AND your company.  People like to read email from people not machines.
  • Provide relevant quality email messages that are original and will resonate with your subscribers and be sure to include text and images.

3) What else do I need to think about?

  • People read email on mobile devices.  Optimize every email for mobile phones and tablets.  Make it easy for people to read them no matter what device they are using.
  • Test send times.  Try sending emails on different days and at different times of the day.  Use this testing to figure out what are the best days and time of day to send emails to your subscribers.
  • Develop quality auto-response emails for new subscribers to thank them for subscribing.  Be sure to include links to all your social networks.

Most marketers still consider email a core marketing tool.  These tips will help you get it right.  In addition, here's a wonderful infographic from MarketingProfs which will help you keep some of these tips top of mind:  10 Email Best Practices Infographic

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