Supercharge Your Content With the New and Improved Emotion Feature!

Another month, another major update!

What has occupied the majority of our developer team’s time for the past week or so has been a major overhaul to our Emotion feature within the Writer module.

emotion update

Writers know that one of the most important things to do is to elicit an emotional response from the reader. It is the best way to drive home a concept or point of view. Using words that are heavy with emotion is a surefire way to get your audience blinking back tears or bursting out in laughter.

But beware, or you may fall in the trap of writing too emotionally. By writing this way, your content slowly inches towards click-bait territory and sensationalism.

Connect With Your Audience On An Emotional Level

Knowing when to pour on the emotion versus when to pull back the reins and write factually is an often overlooked aspect in the creation of good content.

This is where our new and improved Emotion measure comes in!

Previously, by toggling the measure on, our platform would highlight words that rated high and low within the emotional spectrum. We would provide a recommendation of striking a balance between the two to maintain a balance in the style of writing but never offered up synonyms that would help you achieve this balance.

The new and improved version of the measure now does exactly that.

Easy to Use and Intuitive

By toggling on the feature, the platform will now highlight all the words within the body of the content that have some sort of emotional value. By highlighting over the word in question, you now have the option to select synonyms that have both higher or lower emotional intensity than the original word. Keep in mind that tweaking emotional words also has an effect on your Atomic Score as well as your Audience Level. Keep an eye on those two factors lest you stray past the optimum value.

This is useful as you can adjust the overall emotional weight of the piece by adjusting particular words that you think could do with a bit more or bit less emotional umph. Injecting the right amount of emotion and neutrality in a piece of content does wonders to engage and elicit a reaction out of your reader.

As always, we recommend having a healthy balance of neutral words to prevent your content from being too “flowery” or sensationalistic. On the other hand, if you ignore emotional words, your piece could be a real snooze to read and you will miss out a significant amount of audience engagement.

Give It A Shot!

Head on over to Writer within Atomic Reach and turn on the Emotion toggle under “Advanced Edits” to see what other words you can use to make your content connect with your readers. Let us know any feedback you may have as we are always looking to tweak and improve upon all of our measures.

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