Not Getting the Blog Attention You Want? Here's Why

Are you writing a ton of blog articles but not getting the attention you want?

I know. It’s frustrating when you pour countless hours into your posts, but whatever you're writing, it just doesn't seem to work. If only there was something that could tell you exactly what you're doing wrong.... (jump to the end of this article if you want to know what tool to use for blogging feedback!).

Here are some reasons why you're not getting the attention you want.

 1.  Not grabbing enough

The best way to catch readers' attention is by writing a grabbing title. If your title doesn't stand out and capture readers in the first 10 seconds then you can say bye-bye to your readers. Need tips on how to supercharge your titles? Check out this article here.

2.  Not long or short enough

The age-old blogging question: is there a "perfect" length when it comes to writing? You'll find endless articles defending one or the other but we think that it all depends on your audience. We believe that each one of our audiences fits within a specific knowledge level and if you can figure that out, you hold the key to a lot future blogging success.

3.  Not emotional enough

You know what works? Content that connects with people emotionally. Use stimulating language that excites your audience. They will be more likely to take what you are saying to heart and engage with your content.

4.  Not written properly

One of the biggest turn-offs readers experience are spelling and grammar errors. Read through your posts at least twice before you hit publish. Reading aloud and getting someone to look it over will also help immensely.

5.  Not targeted right

When you’re creating great content for real people, you’re building a lasting connection with your audience. If you know who you're writing to, then you'll know how to write for them. Do you know who your audience is? If you'd like to learn more about learning different audience types, check out our article here.

Work on these tips to garner the attention you're looking for. The best way to improve your writing is when you get feedback. Luckily, there's a plugin for that! If you're looking for feedback on what to improve on in your articles to create more impactful content, check out Atomic Reach, the audience platform.

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